My mind is my shelter


Make your ego aware of your purpose

“Ego has a very bad reputation for a very good reason. When allowed to grow without conscious guidance it can be self-centric, which is good because it’s helped you survive. … Continue reading


Commit to inner peace

“The monkey mind is something every modern human is familiar with. It’s that incessant thought stream that never seems to settle down, no matter how hard you try. It’s the … Continue reading


Gratitude opens the door to feeling God’s Love.

Gratitude Opens the Door to Feeling God’s Love. “The essential feeling of receiving Divine Love is so delicious, most of us wish we could feel it all the time. Once … Continue reading


Tune in and tune up. Humans need a truly conscious awakening.

“Everyone awakens each morning a bit disheveled, having slept for hours in an unconscious and semi-conscious state. Everyone awakens from unconsciousness with a tumbled sense of how things are – … Continue reading


Become a strong chain to hold humanity together.

“When you recognize the main purpose of life is to simply experience the experience of the moment, to live in the moment of life in which you’re living, to comprehend … Continue reading


Experience your experience, rekindle your sense of what is.

“Over the past one hundred and fifty thousand years the human brain has invented the sensation of time. Time is created by the sensation of experiencing motion, and this experience … Continue reading


You be you, and the tribe just like you locates you.

“The fundamental nature of human psychology of the human emotions and biology, down to the DNA, is that of connection and engaged, collective living. This is not a choice, but … Continue reading


The collective “normal” is not a world of accuracy. Choose to create a more conscious approach to your moments.

„The aboriginal masks of the indigenous world are reminders, to those who relate, that perception does not always experience what actually is. You may be looking at the same thing … Continue reading


I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone – if possible.

“Îmi pare rău, dar eu nu vreau să fiu împărat. Nu e treaba mea. Eu nu vreau să conduc și nu vreau să cuceresc pe nimeni. Ce-mi doresc eu este … Continue reading


Noi putem doar să pedepsim, dar trebuie să existe cineva care să dea iertarea.

  „Ascultați nu știu dacă o fi fost din cauza cojoacelor ălora de oaie ori din cauza oboselii sau pentru că cele văzute sau auzite fuseseră pătrunse de o ciudată … Continue reading

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