My mind is my shelter


Do a gut check and consciously determine your reactions to these times.

„This logic dominated moment on Earth is consumed in an obsession with the proof of LAWS and the predictability of ORDER. This attitude will soon be forced from the avoidant … Continue reading


Gabriela Melinescu – 12 revelații

„Cred că oricărui om de pe lume i s-a întâmplat să nu poată dormi fără pricină într-o noapte și să stea de veghe cu  mintea desfăcută ca o mare floare … Continue reading


This higher Vantage will explain how Advantage is not to be taken. See the solutions just beyond the “wall” of protective despair.”

„It’s once upon a time and you’re on the threshold of a moment that’s transforming social orders from within your imagination. Impossibilities are available as realities if you peek over … Continue reading


Everything that’s stopped you in the past is unable to stop you now. Relax your fear and show up for work.

„Scientists have discovered five new subatomic particles that further define the nature of this Universe. These particles were “hiding in plain sight”, the researchers said of their experience. This is … Continue reading


Faith and fear cannot occupy the same space at the same time.

„The heart brain listens to the tones of all voices through the sensitivity of the inner ear. These tones either induce faith, or doubt, in the psyche as time unfolds … Continue reading


The world was flat when no one understood gravity. There’s a need for human ‘psychic energy’ to be exponentially increased in order for additional forces to be recognized and understood.

„The world was flat when no one understood gravity – when there was no explanation of how objects on the “bottom” of the Earth didn’t fall off. But while all … Continue reading


The heart teaches you to completely relax to receive what you’ve worked for. But this relaxation must also have a belief to receive, a deservingness.

„Mastery, prevalent through the ages taught: reach out into space with a focused passion, then relax and let it come to you over time. Never give up when it hesitates, … Continue reading


Embrace these children and their future. Join them as guides, not guards. Be tolerant of their differences and supportive of the difference they’re here to make.

  „There’s a new attitude on Earth right now, and it’s evolutionary nature’s reaction to the old, exhausted, brutal attitudes that have plagued humanity since it first stood up: this … Continue reading


Anger is one of the most common emotions in the human world today. The world is angry because it’s so completely unconscious.

„By becoming a witness to your uniqueness, you bless the origins of your infinite capacities that arise from absolutely nothing to become everything that you are. This is true religion, … Continue reading


Ian McEwan – Coajă de nucă

„Iată-mă, stau așa, cu susul în jos, în corpul unei femei. Țin brațele încrucișate, răbdător, aștept, aștept și mă întreb în corpul cui sunt și ce caut aici.” „Și încă … Continue reading

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