My mind is my shelter


Most humans are just smart animals – very few can articulate or calibrate the power and miracle of being human.

“Your physical life is coordinated by consciousness + the focus of your brain (the five regions of the mental body) + your feelings (the emotional body). To manifest willfully, you … Continue reading


Stop questioning this reality and start addressing it.

“In the times of Jesus and other great prophets it was very much like today – empire building, disregard for nature, a massive concentration of wealth, and cruelty out of … Continue reading


Stop playing it so cool. Catch the moments of your life.

“How does it feel to be dying? It feels like all these beautiful pieces of life are flying around me and I’m trying to catch them. When my granddaughter falls … Continue reading


Not about proving who you are, but improving who you are.

„Seekers of awakening, students of infinity, practitioners of life’s arts and sciences of consciousness often complain that meditation is not greeted by the pleasantness of openness, by the attitudes of … Continue reading


A healing journey is a spiritual rite of passage. Depression occurs at a pivotal stage of the healing journey.

„Throughout the course of our evolution, it is natural to be more rooted in emptiness, which is the natural state of the soul. As ego unravels to create space for … Continue reading


Boredom is a tug of war between our mind and spirit. To get a new life you have to create a new vibe.

„Have you been bored lately, feeling out of sorts, unmotivated, and maybe even a little stuck? Do you have a lot of things to do but don’t feel like doing … Continue reading


Travel and map new dimensions every day. Become the trust that evolves.

„Consciousness relates space with time, and it’s the key to liberating any restrictions of space and time. Consciousness holds the atoms, molecules and cells in the forms of their form, … Continue reading


Life does not happen to you, it happens through you. Welcome the freedom of choosing the qualities in each moment.

“Life does not happen to you, it happens through you.” The light of perception from infinity passes through you, then reflects off your surrounding events and moments back to you. … Continue reading


Don’t try to be anything you are not actually being.

Viola Davis: “Dive afraid. And maybe you will land. Maybe in it there will be five moments that are crappy and are left on the editing floor. But maybe in … Continue reading


Love Poems to God – Rainer Maria Rilke

Rainer Maria Rilke „Ca să-l găseşti pe Dumnezeu trebuie să fii fericit. Cei care datorită nenorocirii lor îl inventează merg prea repede, caută prea puţin intimitatea cu arzătoarea lui absenţă“. … Continue reading

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