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Examining a Contract Under a MicroscopeProud to be a skeptic? Is power about control? Is power about reducing it all to the small and few that can be, as rumor has it, controlled?

Shouldn’t it all be about seeking the truth and not opposing it all just for the sake of opposition?

Some people make it their job to constantly challenge other people’s opinions, while they conveniently avoid exposing an opinion of  their own and  have it challenged. They find that this is a position of power. What makes the most of one’s strength, though: being the challenger or the challengee? Openness is power. Not securing a convenient shelter for oneself, one that only allows to attack and never be attacked.

One’s opinions should be good enough to be challenged and people should be strong enough to accept improving what they believe in, when need be.  Either way, this is how one gets to evolve and uphold their values.

One should manage having an opinion and then be able to live with it not being accepted by everyone. Diversity is complementarity and it makes the world go round. We are different and we need our differences. Expecting everyone to love us and then choosing to oppose everyone when they don’t love us or for fear they may not all love us is not a sign of balance and inner peace. No extreme is ever the solution, as each extreme is, obviously, too far from balance.

Believing in something, having a point of reference for one’s existence, is both beneficial and sane.

The majority of my patients consisted not of believers but of those who had lost their faith“.
Carl Gustav Jung




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