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Sick and tired

sick_and_tired_by_gafta-d4mzh84Am sick of love as an expression of loneliness and fear and need and desperation and dependency and feeling lost and purposeless and helpless.

Am sick of anger as a refuge from taking the necessary risks and actually taking action.

Am sick of the grab, the grip, the ‘too tight’, the ‘not let go’, the ‘ready to believe anything as long as it serves some delusional need to possess and control’.

Am sick and tired of people being so afraid of their own truth that they rip it apart into pieces small enough that they can be ignored or mistaken for anything else and reassembled into a convenient lie.

Am sick of the way people fear reality so much that they paint over it. And then they expect that painting to deliver life and to make them feel.

Am sick of all this dispowerlessness.




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