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Intelepciunea inimii

henry-millerThe art of living is based on rhythm — on give and take, ebb and flow, light and dark, life and death. By acceptance of all aspects of life, good and bad, right and wrong, yours and mine, the static, defensive life, which is what most people are cursed with, is converted into a dance, ‘the dance of life,’ metamorphosis. One can dance to sorrow or to joy; one can even dance abstractly. … But the point is that, by the mere act of dancing, the elements which compose it are transformed; the dance is an end in itself, just like life. The acceptance of the situation, any situation, brings about a flow, a rhythmic impulse towards self-expression. To relax is, of course, the first thing a dancer has to learn. It is also the first thing a patient has to learn when he confronts the analyst. It is the first thing any one has to learn in order to live. It is extremely difficult, because it means surrender, full surrender.

Life, as we all know, is conflict, and man, being part of life, is himself an expression of conflict. If he recognizes the fact and accepts it, he is apt, despite the conflict, to know peace and to enjoy it. But to arrive at this end, which is only a beginning (for we haven’t begun to live yet!), a man has got to learn the doctrine of acceptance, that is, of unconditional surrender, which is love.

“For the awakened individual life begins now, at any and every moment; it begins at the moment when he realizes that he is part of a great whole, and in the realization becomes himself whole. In the knowledge of limits and relationships he discovers the eternal self, thenceforth to move with obedience and discipline in full freedom.”

“Real love is never perplexed, never qualifies, never rejects, never demands. It replenishes, by grace of restoring unlimited circulation. It burns, because it knows the true meaning of sacrifice. It is life illuminated.”


coperta1Arta de a trai se bazeaza pe ritm – pe a da si a lua, flux si reflux, lumina si intuneric, viata si moarte. Prin acceptarea tuturor aspectelor vietii – bune si rele, drepte si strambe, ale tale si ale mele – viata statica, defensiva, cu care sunt blestemati cei mai multi, se transforma in dans, “dansul vietii”, metamorfoza. Se poate dansa in ritmul durerii sau al bucuriei; se poate dansa abstract…Dar ideea este ca prin actul simplu al dansului toate elementele componente se transforma; dansul este un scop final in sine, la fel ca si viata. Acceptarea situatiei, a oricarei situatii, atrage dupa sine fluxul, impulsul ritmic catre exprimarea de sine. Primul lucru pe care un dansator trebuie sa invete sa-l faca este, desigur, sa se relaxeze. Este primul lucru pe care omul trebuie sa invete sa-l faca pentru a trai. Este foarte greu, pentru ca inseamna a se preda, a se preda cu totul.

Viata, dupa cum stim cu totii, este opozitie, iar omul, facand parte din viata, este el insusi o expresie a opozitiei. Daca recunoaste acest fapt si il accepta, va putea, in ciuda opozitiei, sa cunoasca linistea si sa bucure de ea. Dar pentru a ajunge la acest scop final, care este, de fapt, doar inceputul (pentru ca nu am inceput inca sa traim), omul trebuie sa invete doctrina acceptarii, a predarii neconditionate, care este iubirea.”

“Pentru omul treaz viata incepe acum, in orice moment si in fiecare moment; viata incepe in momentul in care omul intelege ca face parte dintr-un mare Intreg si, intelegand acest lucru, devine el insusi intreg. Prin recunoasterea limitelor si a legaturilor dintre toate si cu toate omul isi descopera sinele etern, pentru ca de atunci inainte sa se miste, prin ascultare si disciplina, in libertate deplina.”

Iubirea adevarata nu este niciodata nedumerita, nu califica, nu respinge, nu revendica. Iubirea reumple, prin harul divin cu care restabileste circuitul cel fara de sfarsit. Iubirea arde, intrucat cunoaste adevaratul inteles al sacrificiului. Este lumina vietii.”

“Let us do our best even if it gets us nowhere”

“Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood”

The wisdom of the heart – Henry Miller – Brain Pickings

Intelepciunea inimii – Henry Miller



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