My mind is my shelter


“When no one else shares your level of passion, you are where you belong.”


My strength is my enthusiasm.

The high note is not the only thing.

We all have a destiny in accordance with the breadth of our shoulders. My shoulders are broad.

I then realized that I could never be satisfied again with the mere natural charm of my voice, that I had to constantly paint when singing, melting all the colors, expressing reds and blacks that had to be less primary but bursting with subtly colored combinations.

When a young artist is ready, one has to bring him into the limelight.

The voice collects and translates your bad physical health, your emotional worries, your personal troubles.

Singing becomes a form of therapy.

Resting becomes a discipline in itself.

The public made me and then encouraged me for many years, and my future even now depends upon it. The atmosphere of the theater is my oxygen.

It is strange, but nobody is shocked when pop singers make a fortune in the space of two years. Let us be clear: I take ten times more money for a concert than for an opera performance.

When it becomes clear that no one else shares your level of passion, you are where you belong.

Placido Domingo



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