My mind is my shelter


To do anything one must work out a point of orientation. Individuality is ‘indivisibility’ – complete existence, wholeness. Interior ripening. Jerzy Grotowski

I The rhythm of life in modern civilization is characterized by pace, tension, a feeling of doom, the wish to hide our personal motives and the assumption of a variety … Continue reading


The Art of Choosing – no single narrative serves the needs of everyone everywhere

„Assumption: if a choice affects you, then you should be the one to make it. But the assumption, then, that we do best when the individual self chooses only holds … Continue reading


Când omul își pierde simțul sacrului viața își pierde sensul. Cariera și dezvoltarea nu merg neapărat mână în mână.

„Cuvântul „teatru” are multe sensuri confuze, deloc limpezi. În mai toată lumea, teatrul n-are un loc clar în societate, un scop precis, există doar pe bucăți: un teatru aleargă după … Continue reading


Fericirii nu îi punem întrebări

Cu fericirea nu intrăm în opoziție. Nu o contrazicem, nu o punem la îndoială. Fericirii nu îi punem întrebări. Din fericire înțelegem mai puțin. Când suntem fericiți alegem ce să … Continue reading


Nothing happens in isolation. To look at something is to change it and be changed by it.

“Most breakthroughs are based on linking information that usually is not thought of as related. Integration, synthesis both across and within domains, is the norm rather than the exception. A … Continue reading


Copying Beethoven (2006). Music is the language of God

“The vibrations in the air are the breath of God speaking to a man’s soul. Music is the language of God” “This is a new language I am inventing to … Continue reading


„Cum poţi cunoaşte pe cineva pe lumea asta? După cum horile se ridică în sufletul lui”

„Vreau să urc pe muncei, să simt mirosul de fâneaţă coaptă. Să mă liniştesc şi să-mi adun gândurile. Mi-e dor să ascult vântul, să ascult cum freamătă pădurea. Să ascult … Continue reading


The artist is to reveal the mystery of the human being

“The state of birth, suffering, love, and death are extreme states — extreme, universal, and inescapable. The artist is present to correct the delusions to which we fall prey in … Continue reading


“Art is a rallying point”

“Art says, don’t accept things for their face value; you can think for yourself. Art gives you a kind of self-reliance. We all feel powerless and we can’t really manage … Continue reading


“Not the judge, but the creator will rule”

„The writer’s task is to unite the greatest possible number of people, his art must not compromise with lies and servitude which, wherever they rule, breed solitude. Whatever our personal … Continue reading

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