Copying Beethoven (2006). Music is the language of God

“The vibrations in the air are the breath of God speaking to a man’s soul. Music is the language of God”

“This is a new language I am inventing to talk about man’s experience of God”

“‘Where does the movement end?’ ‘It doesn’t end, it flows. You have to stop thinking in terms of beginning and ending. This is not a bridge, this is a living thing‘.
‘Yes, but musically how does it work?’
It doesn’t work, it grows. The first movement becomes the second. As each idea dies a new one is born.'”

“In your work, you are obsessed with structure, with choosing the correct form. You have to listen to the voice speaking inside of you. I didn’t even hear it myself until I went deaf.”

“‘You are telling me that I must find the silence in myself so I can hear the music.’
‘Yes, silence is the key, the silence between the notes. When that silence envelops you, then your soul can sing”

“I slipped my notes through the bars to you. You are the key to my release”

“An artist is someone who has learned to trust himself”

“This bridge has no soul. It lacks life, grace, passion, it is a dead thing”

“You build bridges to connect points of land. I build them to connect men’s souls.”

“God whispers into some men’s ears, He shouts into mine. That’s why I am deaf. When you go blind, Sir, that’s when you will have the right not to be judged, but to judge”

“Now how do you feel? Sad? Angry? Furious? Do you want to kill? Start over? Build your bridge from your gut!”

“The world doesn’t need another Beethoven, but it may need you. You may leave if you wish, but that won’t free you from me”

Große Fuge – The Great Fugue

“‘I think the fugue is ugly.’
‘Ugly? You think it’s ugly? Of course it’s ugly. But is it beautiful? It’s meant to challenge your sense of beauty. I am opening up music to the ugly, to the visceral. How else can you get to the divine except through the guts of man? Cause that’s where the people feel it. You can’t have your head in the clouds unless there’s shit on the soles of your boots”

“Of course you don’t understand it.  It’s not about understanding. You must experience it”

“This fugue is my bridge to the future of music. If one day you will cross over it perhaps you will be free”

String Quartet No. 15 in A minor Op. 132 – 3rd movement (‘Holy Song of Thanksgiving of a Convalescent to the Deity‘)

“And then a voice, a single, frail voice emerges, soaring above the sound. The striving continues. moving below the surface. Crescendo. First violin longing, pleading to God. And then God answers. The clouds open. Loving hands reach down. We’re raised up into heaven. Cello remains earthbound, but the other voices soar suspended. For an instant. In which you can live forever. Earth does not exist. Time is timeless. And the hands that lifted you caress your face, mold them to the face of God. And you are at one. You are at peace. You are finally free.”

Copying BeethovenCopying Beethoven (2006)



Beethoven Symphony n 9 op 125 D minor
– Celibidache Munchner Philharmoniker