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“If you still do not understand the meaning of the gift, be still and wait. God does give questionable gifts.”

God gifting

“Scarcity is an important teacher. Every perception of lack in your surroundings mirrors an inner feeling of unworthiness that must be brought into conscious awareness.
The experience of scarcity is not God punishing you. It is you showing yourself a belief that needs to be corrected.

You have the capacity to love yourself. And that capacity must be awakened in you for authentic spiritual growth to take place.
You learn to love yourself by seeing how you withhold love from yourself And you often see how you withhold love from yourself by seeing how you withhold it from others.

Abundance comes into your life because you have learned to bring love to the wounded aspects of your psyche. Love heals all perception of division and conflict and restores the original perception of wholeness, free of sin and guilt. When you have seen yourself as you really are, you know that love cannot be taken away from you. Love belongs to you eternally, formless yet ever-present, unconditional yet responding easily to the conditions at hand.

Whenever news comes that seems bad, consider this: would God give you a questionable gift? Do not be misled by the wrapping on the box, but open it with an open heart. And if you still do not understand the meaning of the gift, be still and wait. God does give questionable gifts.
Often you will not know the meaning of the gift until the gift is put to work in your life. That can be frustrating, but it is inevitable.

The gifts of God do not feed your ego expectations. Their value is of a higher order. They help you open to your true nature and purpose here. Sometimes they seem to close a door and you don’t understand why. Only when the right door opens do you understand why the wrong door was closed.

Yours is a partnership with the Divine Mind. Please, do not try to make abundance your responsibility or God’s alone. If you are willing to love yourself, you will open the channel through which God’s love can reach you.

Open the door to abundance within your own mind and see the gifts of love reflected all around you. Do not judge the value of these gifts or the form that they take in your life. For the value is beyond question and the form is too easily misunderstood.”

The Gospel of JesusPaul Ferrini – Gospel According to Jesus – Chapter 3



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