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Identify with what you are.

photoHow to live happily?

“When someone determines what is supposed to happen around you, you rebel, as you find that a form of slavery.
When someone else determines what happens within you, isn’t that the worst form of slavery?

Where do you see the world? Within yourself.
Where do you hear everything? Within yourself.

Where have you seen the whole world? Within yourself.
Have you ever experienced anything outside of yourself?
Everything that happened to you – darkness and light – happened within you
. Pain and pleasure happen within you. Joy and misery happen within you.
So, who should determine how what happens within should happen?

Definitely, you should be the one to determine what happens within you. If you determine what happens within you, your whole experience of life will be determined by you, not by someone else. Your surroundings may not be determined by you. But how your experience of life is on this planet is 100% determined by you, if you take charge of this. If you leave it loose, just anybody will determine it. Not consciously, but just like you: by accident”


UntitledHow to stop the mind’s chatter?

You don’t need to shut down the mind, mind is a miracle not a problem.
Just put some distance between you and the mind – just like traffic looks differently when you look at it from high up, in a hotel room, versus what it looks like when you’re in it, on the ground.

Now, if you are having a mental diarrhea, obviously you have eaten some bad food, you have consumed something wrong. The moment you identify yourself with something that you are not, then your mind runs continuously. It’s not going to stop, no matter how hard you try.
If you identify yourself with what you are, then you know how to be everything, you know how to use everything. If you  identify with it, your mind will be the useful instrument you need it to be.

So you should stop eating bad food.
Bad mind food = identifying yourself with things that you are not.


Untitled 1How do you get to know yourself fully?

To get to know yourself fully you just need to be introduced, that’s all. You are paying too much attention to everything around you, not enough attention to this moment and yourself. The quality of your life is essentially determined by how you carry yourself in this moment. The kind of clothes you’re wearing, what car you’ve parked outside, the kind of life you live does not determine the quality of your life. This moment, how joyful you are feeling within yourself, determines the quality for your life.
You think it’ll happen in consequence and you’re setting impossible goals for your happiness, you’re setting impossible conditions for your peacefulness.

Peacefulness is not the highest goal in your life, it is the most fundamental requirement.

Personal note: Peacefulness is the highest goal for one’s current stage, and it is the most fundamental requirement for one’s next stage of awareness and being. (FL)

To be peaceful means that you are not messing with your mind, that your system is at ease. If you know how to conduct your mind, your emotions, your body and your energies you are peaceful. It is not rocket technology.

Peacefulness has nothing to do with the external activity that you are doing, it has to do with the internal activity and how you’re functioning.

If your vehicle is out of control it’s because you’ve never done anything to find ot where your steering wheel is, first of all. Now you are not even as simple as a car. You are a super-super computer. And the problem is most people have not even bothered to find the keyboard. They think they can shake it a bit and somehow it’ll work.
When you are given such a highly sophisticated machine and you do not conduct it properly, it will cause many problems. Everything that you do determines a change in the machines. It’s more than just a touchscreen – it’s not enough to wish for something and it’ll happen.
When you operate your sophisticated machine like a blacksmith, being peaceful seems difficult.

To be peaceful is the first thing to do in your life. If you want to conduct anything in your life sensibly, being peaceful and happy is fundamental. People simply have never paid attention to this machine, never paid attention to the internal mechanism of how a human being works, to what the basis is for everything that is happening within you. It takes a little bit of attention. It takes a little bit of inner engineering.

We’ve engineered the whole world the way we want it. Much comfort and conveniences come. But wellbeing has not come. And wellbeing will not come, until the inner is engineered the way you want it.


sadhguru-smiling-poem-ageless-2The four dimensions of the mind

You can only think based on the data that you already have gathered, which means you can never think anything new. You can recycle it, rehash it, produce permutations and combinations of it. But you cannot think something absolutely new, as it is not in the nature of the thought to come up with something new, it can only recycle the past. If you are dedicating yourself to your thought process, if all you do is ensure you thought process, you’re ensuring nothing new ever happens in your life.

What you think is your psychological drama. Your psychological drama should not determine the nature of your life, because this is just a small happening compared to the life process. Life is a much deeper intelligence than intellect.

1.Intellectwhich we are giving too much and unnecessary significance to in the modern world. And we shall pay an enormous price for this. You will come to a place when you know everything, but you know nothing of life significance.

12 year old children nowadays look bored, instead of feeling happy and excited to be alive, because they have seen the cosmos through their phone screen. By the time you’re 12 you already had a love affair, you know what a break is, you know what it’s like to recover from that, you tasted alcohol, you’ve seen this and that, probably gone into all kinds of physical things, you know the cosmos, what more is there? By the time they’re 15 there’s really not much purpose to exist for many of them.

Life needs exuberance. If too much information happens to you without experience, that exuberance will be gone and a false sense of knowing becomes strong in you. This is the danger of intellect: intellect wants to dissect everything. Intellect is like a scalpel: the sharper it is, the better it is, it wants to dissect and know everything. Dissection works for some things, but not with all aspects of life. If you want to know your mother, you may dissect her and learn everything about her kidney, liver and heart, but you won’t have a mother left. Life cannot be known by breaking it up. You can know physical things by breaking it up. Technology is fine, it’s brought much comfort and convenience, but it will not bring life to us.

Personal note: You can break mental processes into components and it does help to identify nuances and details that are crucial in the way things work. The point is, though, to not demystify life, to not think you can unravel all mystery. Mystery exists because no matter how much we come to know, we shall never understand it all fully. Nor should we, as we would not know to do right by it. Mystery keeps life and the universe going. (FL)

Intellect is useful depending on what it is identified with and how steadily it is held.

2.Identity whatever you identify with, your intellect functions only around that. How consciously and how steadily your identity has been created will determine the effectiveness of your intellect. Just because it’s sharp, it does not mean it will be effective – a sharp intellect and a sharp knife can also cause any type of damage to you. A sharp knife held by an unsteady hand cuts all over the place. Human suffering is about not knowing how to hold your intellect properly. You cut yourself every day. And then you try to reduce the sharpness (alcohol, distractions, drugs), anything just to reduce the sharpness, because the damn thing hurts. It is not its nature to hurt, you just don’t know how to hold it.

3.Memory – which is a huge sack of memory, is carried by the entire body, it’s not just located in one place.

4.Pure intelligence it has no trace of any kind of memory. If you touch pure  intelligence you have access to what you are referring to as the source of creation. Just pay attention to any element of creation – all you will see its phenomenal intelligence, beyond anything you can imagine.

Personal note: His understanding of compassion and God is misinterpreted, as well as his understanding of prayer. Prayer is not about making wishes come true, it is about finding your path to and become one with what is right. This happens by means of love and compassion, through God.
Also, the representation of God that people have is merely a metaphor, an analogy – which is true in its meaning and significance, not in its facts, not factually. It is merely a way of representing life’s truths so that man can understand them.
The Creation he is talking about is God – it is the same thing, just approached differently.
We do know God is the utmost intelligence and surely we know that coming in touch with one’s most inner self is coming in touch with the very essence of creation, which is God. (FL)

sadhguru2These are the four dimensions of the mind. Unfortunately, modern education thinks that just by feeding information and keeping the intellect reasonably sharp everything is going to happen. No. You will rip this planet apart looking for wellbeing. You may even lose this planet, you may even go to another planet and start your work again, there. But wellbeing will not happen. For wellbeing to happen you have to dig a little deeper into yourself.

A world full of love, light and laughter – its time has come. Let’s make it happen.”


Sadhguru – Youtube




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