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God is the only authority figure and the only Source that brings us whatever we need.

51ik0Ic1xJL._SX317_BO1,204,203,200_“There are no authority figures in spiritual truth. God is the only authority figure and the only Source that brings us whatever we need”


“The spiritual truth is that nothing can take away the power that God created within you, ever! All it takes is for you to recognize and assume your power, and it’s automatically enacted, to the point where you are aware of it and appreciate it.

Your life purpose always involves love. And the form of love surrounding it is something that excites your interests, your sense of purpose and your natural talents and passions.

Never be afraid of failure or disappointment, because those are just temporary experiences on the path to your dreams coming true. Just because you fall does not mean that you will stay down, unless you give up.

It’s natural for all creatures to express themselves. Remember that power is natural. So, as you allow yourself to become more powerful, you’re actually being your real and natural self.

Never, ever put yourself down, in jest or seriously. When you say mean things about yourself it’s often because you’re trying to manipulate or control someone else’s pity or guilt toward you. This may be eve an unconscious process.
The words you say about yourself are registered in your unconscious mind, where they affect your self-esteem and self-confidence. It’s essential that you only use positive words and phrases when you describe yourself. You can be very humble while feeling good about yourself. Humility means that you honor and respect yourself and others, which is very different from self-deprecation, where you put yourself down for not being enough”


“You can find blessings and healing within every situation, even the sad and upsetting ones.

You can shine your light more brightly by facing the feelings you are experiencing. Feelings are energy and they need to flow and move. You can only heal your old grief and anger by allowing these energies an opportunity for expression.

Don’t allow your ego to talk you out of the joy that awaits you. The journey of pursuing your dreams is joyful. It’s also ambiguous, uncertain and unscripted – that’s the artistic path of the soul.

The universe gives us gifts that we are willing to work toward.

Take risks ad enjoy the journey. Don’t play safe. Do not underestimate your power. God created everyone equally powerful. Power does not come from money, education or career titles. Power comes from God.”


“The only form of giving that leads to spiritual growth and true peace is when you give because you are guided to. Doing so because you feel guilty, sorry for someone else, or obligated is giving from a place of fear. That means you would be acting from your lower self and the gift – whether it’s time, money, help, advice, support or love – would be tainted with your lower frequencies of that guilt, fear or obligation energy.
The reason why we give is the difference between creating a life of joy for ourselves and others and living like a victim or martyr, in misery.

Only give because you truly are happy to do so. In that experience you’ll find your heavenly bliss.
A good rule to live by is:
“Never do anything unless you want to. Either don’t do the action or go meditate and pray until you can shift your mind-set to one of happiness toward it.”

Doreen Virtue – Assertiveness for Earth Angels



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