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Get in touch with your heart. Allow the brilliance of your mind to shine through the purity and clarity of your heart.

Everything that we are is on top of what we truly are: human beings. And even as human beings we must realize that what we truly are is one and the same.”

“We should cure the cause, not attack the symptom.”

“In the Middle East and throughout the world we must realize there is nobody that is wrong. There are just people who are not in their higher consciousness. Both sides need to be forgiven. Both sides need to be enlivened, both sides need to raise their conscious awareness.”

There must be a group or someone that is big enough and can take all these people and bring them to the table. And that’s very difficult when the largest business in the world, other than food, is arms.
The worst thing you can be dealing with is a person who is very strong, with armaments, but feeling very insecure.

“Indoctrination is a poison to the social structure, to the social fabric of humanity on this earth. It is done by good people, but it’s done out of fear. Anything that is done out of fear will have a toxic result.”

“The base coat of all emotions is joy.”

“The joy in enjoying the joy of another is love”

“Peace is living in the environment of love and joy.”

“The whole history of humanity is the play between war and peace, between living in your emotional body (which wants revenge) and living in your highest consciousness (which wants forgiveness).”

“Around every noise, at the core is the silence. Around every life at the core is the soul. Around all chaos, at the core is peace. So being in that peace, calm, joy and love is to live at the core”

“Forgiveness means that I release something from my past and give it forward to my present moment. It means that I am no longer going to invest my conscious awareness or my energy in that moment.”

“This is a world in crisis. Crisis stimulates evolutionary growth. Evolutionary growth will change this world.

“Sound and music is such a powerful mechanism. You can get people to come right into their heart center. And once people are in their heart center, that’s when you ca put the message in.

Life is not the achievement of this moment. Life is the long arch of humanity.

“All of us need to join together, throughout the world, and get a lot of people to follow the beauty and joy in their our hearts.”

“The only way to get out of a horrible lace is to find an opening in it. If you are only looking at the horrible place, you’ll never find that opening.”

“To find their way, children need to get a full educationmeaning that they need to educate not only their brain, but also their body and their emotional body, so that they are really free and can make choices as to what emotional tools they want to use at each moment, what spiritual awareness they want to have to overcome physical limitations and create a real, true physical health.”

“We need to find creative solutions, because we don’t create justice in injustice through force. We create justice in injustice through creativity.”

“All arts are so important because they are coming out of the creative side of the brain, and the creative side of the brain has direct access to the heart brain (there is neurology in the heart – it’s called ‘the fourth brain’). So, when you balance the logical, rational side of your brain with your creative side of your brain, that balance allows your brain activity to go into your heart.”

“Get silent, get in touch with your heart, allow the brilliance of your mind to shine through the purity and clarity of your heart, and contribute to this world in the way that you were born to contribute.”

“You have a reason for living, you have a purpose for living, otherwise you would not exist.”

“You be exactly who you are.”

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