My mind is my shelter


Din toată inima și cu toată inima

“Nu contează cât de fragilă e flacăra. Important este să ardă din inimă.” Simon van Booy Sinele tău se trage din inima ta. În inima ta te așteaptă mereu Dumnezeu. … Continue reading


Wholeheartedness – from your whole heart and with your whole heart

“It’s not the size of the flame, but the source: wholeheartedness.” Simon van Booy Your true Self is rooted in your heart. God is there to meet you. Your heart … Continue reading


The art of self-culture begins with a deeper awareness

„Whenever I am lost in admiration for a man or a woman, as fulfilling my ideal of what a human being should be, it is rarely that such a person … Continue reading

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