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Wholeheartedness – from your whole heart and with your whole heart


“It’s not the size of the flame, but the source: wholeheartedness.”
Simon van Booy

Your true Self is rooted in your heart. God is there to meet you.
Your heart is where your divinity, aliveness, joy and awareness stem from.
Keep your heart pristine and your Self tuned in.

When you do not tune in to your heart you disconnect your Self from the truth. That’s when you get tired, feel lost, are in pain, cannot fill your lungs with air (as some lung space is blocked with whatever’s wrong).
It doesn’t feel right. It’s not that it doesn’t feel easy, comfortable, enjoyable or satisfying. It’s that it feels wrong. It doesn’t work, you find yourself looking for justifications, excuses, explanations.

The truth is self-explanatory and it just works. You don’t doubt it, you marvel at it.

When you believe something wholeheartedly the path to take is clear. It’s when your heart is not fully in that you don’t get the full picture and you step in the wrong direction. Or you step in the right direction, but you do it the wrong way.

Seeing clearly is seeing your direction, not your destination. Seeing clearly is sensing what your next right step is.

Wholeheartedness is about what you find in your heart, not what you put in your heart. The truth can be recognized, not fabricated.

Often, the truth does not show in the intensity, but in the clarity of how you feel. Clarity brings peace, even when it comes with a heavy truth.
(Lack of) truth is (lack of) peace.

When you feel something is not true, don’t just assume you know what is not true.
Take the wholeheartedness test.
What can you put your whole heart into, even if it hurts?
What can you not fit your heart into, no matter how good it feels? As what feels good doesn’t always feel right. (joy is different from pleasure – joy nurtures, pleasure consumes).

When something doesn’t feel right, don’t automatically assume you know what’s wrong. Look for what feels untrue. It may be just a part of the whole: its reason, its purpose, the way it’s done, some false belief that makes it feel wrong, etc.
A false belief is no small matter: it taints your view of the world, it’s like a dirty window you cannot see through properly. A false belief creates a reality that is untrue, therefore your heart will signal it. The right thing is not right if it’s done for the wrong reasons or from a wrong state of mind.

Right your beliefs. Heal your emotions.

Don’t try to persuade your heart. It’s not only impossible, but it’s also ineffectual. Being ineffectual is what makes it impossible.
The heart cannot be persuaded. It knows. As the heart is attuned to life and what perpetuates it: love.

Wholeheartedness needs a heart that is whole. Your heart is not just your hurt. There is more to your heart than your pain.
Your pain can show you the path, but it cannot lead the way.
It can put you on the healing path that you need to take first, so that you can eventually find your way to the truth. Your pain will not take you directly to the truth, it’ll just show you to the next corner (a corner you cannot see around right now), which is where you will get a clearer perspective.

You need your whole heart to get the whole picture. And the whole picture is the only one that serves you, because you are part of the whole, not separate from it.

Halfheartedness will split it all in half: yourself, your belief in yourself, your life.

Your heart understands what your mind does not yet know.
Trust your heart to show thee what your mind may not be ready to see.

Your heart is your direct line to God. You are the only one who can interfere with this connection. God never will.

Keep your heart pristine and your Self tuned in. As God shows you what you cannot, not what you will not, see.

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