“When a dream came true, and my only talent was not to close my eyes.”


“My life and most people’s lives are a series of little miracles — strange coincidences which spring from uncontrollable impulses and give rise to incomprehensible dreams. We spend a lot of time pretending that we are normal, but underneath the surface each one of us knows that he or she is unique.”

“You’re not lost in the storm, Marilyn. You are the storm.”

“He worked with her as she was and not as he wanted her to be.”

“Skills are common. Talent is rare.”

“Shall I be ‘her’?”

“It wasn’t that I’d abandoned her, certainly not in my heart. It’s just that there was no one left to save her.
Poor Marilyn. Time had run out.”

39ced59cbbd711e1b8ee12313d1c2505_small“Yes, I love you, Marilyn,’ I said desperately, ‘but I love you like I love the wind, or the waves, or the earth under my feet, or the sun coming out from behind a cloud. I wouldn’t know how to love you as a person. If I loved you as a person, then I would want to possess you. But that would be impossible. I could never even dream of possessing you. Perhaps no man can, or should even try. You are like a beautiful force of nature, Marilyn, forever out of reach.”

“I think of that time when a dream came true.
And my only talent was not to close my eyes.”

Colin Clark – My Week with Marilyn – the book

My Week with Marilyn – the film

This story made me think of a quote from the Madam Secretary series:
“When everything seems to be lacking in integrity what you do is you find it in yourself. And you change the world right from where you are standing.”