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Rilke – Scrisori către un tânăr poet

Era în toamna târzie a anului 1902. Mă aflam sub castanii seculari ai parcului Academiei Militare din Wiena-Neustadt. Citeam. Eram așa de adâncit în lectură încât abia am băgat de … Continue reading


Stendhal – Despre dragoste

„Sufletele care simt devin pe zi ce trece mai rare, iar mințile cultivate devin tot mai obișnuite.” „Numai un suflet mare îndrăznește să aibă un stil simplu.” „Sufletele mari nu … Continue reading


Grace is not continuous for anyone. Grace happens in the flow of life, not apart from it. Love’s presence is gentle and forgiving

  “When you love and honor yourself there is harmony and peace in your life. Things unfold naturally, without struggle. Grace becomes the guiding light in your life. It the … Continue reading



  „Înainte de a începe un portret, uită-te bine… Sunt mâini care nu seamănă cu figura. N-ai să le faci. Sunt mâini care gândesc; mâini bune, iubitoare, care parcă mângâie … Continue reading


Grigorescu – sincer și simplu

„Marii artiști ai lumii alcătuiesc între ei ca un fel de familie a lor, nobilă, mândră, solidară, îngrădită în aristocrația caracterelor ei de rasă aparte. Membrii ei se cunosc, se … Continue reading


The Gift of Love. A Healed World

Love Is the Greatest Gift “After you do the [healing] work for a while, you realize that complete surrender is what is required. You can’t figure it out in your … Continue reading


The Feminine Spirit

“The problem with growing up in our left-brain driven, achievement-oriented world is that no one feels valuable unless s/he is doing something. So it’s do, do, do. Everyone has two … Continue reading


The Law of Attraction

Attraction and Detraction “Today there is a great deal of buzz about the Law of Attraction. Unfortunately, few people understand this law at depth and  superficial understanding of this law … Continue reading


Modern society has committed the fundamental error of disobeying the law of spiritual development

“It is a definite datum of observation that life tends to conserve itself, to reproduce itself and to spiritualize itself. The laws of conservation and reproduction are as old as … Continue reading


Prayer is the practice of the Presence of God. It is a source of luminous, self-generating energy.

„Prayer is not only worship; it is also an invisible emanation of man’s worshiping spirit – the most powerful form of energy that one can generate. The influence of prayer … Continue reading


Am descoperit spiritul materiei. Vreau ca materia să trăiască potrivit legilor ei. Ştie ea mai bine ca noi adevărul.

  „Eu am fost întâi de toate ţăran. Ţăran am rămas şi azi… Ţăranul?… Românul?… Unul cântă din frunză, altul din fluier. Unul coace argilă, zugărveşte oale… Eu am cioplit. … Continue reading


Așa grăit-a Brancuși: “O, lume! Trezește-te!”

“O, lume! Trezește-te! Privește-ți fericirea pe care o distrugi. Caută să te adapi din viața reală ca să cunoști cea mai mare fericire.” “N-am căutat toată viața decât esența zborului. … Continue reading


Spiritul neinfuzat de viață

  Totul îmi displace. Cum gândesc oamenii, cum scriu oamenii. Neinteligența omului lipsit de Dumnezeu. Lipsit de iubire. Mintea lipsită de Dumnezeu este lipsită de înțelegere. Ce poate să scrie … Continue reading


Existential wounds

Life Is a Set-Up “Life is a set-up. The very act of being born is very traumatic for everyone. All birth experiences are traumatic. The very act of going from … Continue reading


The three stages of healing and empowerment

The Three Stages “There are three stages in the process of healing and transformation. The first stage is primarily about personal healing and receiving love from others. The second stage … Continue reading


Healing the divided psyche

  Shadow and Persona “Because we stuff our pain, part of our experience and the emotions associated with it is repressed and locked away. The psyche is split in two. … Continue reading


Meeting ourselves

The Core Self “The Core Self is our essence. It is who we are at the most fundamental level. It is the connection point between our divine origin and our … Continue reading


Art is about the experience of reality. We have art because we can’t get a real experience from the world.

“The artist is born in a family that has no idea what that person is. So you automatically get all kinds of pain…like they try to make you like they … Continue reading


The prepared mind. The being stuck. The sudden shift. The letting go of control. The letting go of self.

“One morning, I remember that it was a Sunday morning, I woke up about five a.m. and couldn’t sleep. I felt terribly excited. Something strange was happening in my mind. … Continue reading


Your pulse is a love song and a dance tune. It uplifts, clarifies, satisfies and awakens. Listen to it.

„The rhythms of your pulse push melodies through your blood, vibrating in the arteries and capillaries of your circulation, like the strings on an instrument. Your body plays a song … Continue reading


“Through the pursuit of beauty we shape the world as a home, and we come to understand our own nature, as spiritual beings.”

“Beauty is a value, as important as truth and goodness” „By losing beauty there is the danger that we will lose the meaning of life.” “Through the pursuit of beauty … Continue reading


Miracles and physical laws

“Your job is not to alter physical reality, but to be fully present with it. The real Miracle is your joining with God and understanding His Will for you. External … Continue reading


The real miracle is to be found in the spiritual purpose behind the event

  “When you think of miracles, you no doubt think of the people who are cured of serious illnesses, who are delivered unexpectedly from dangerous situations or who experience unanticipated … Continue reading


God can’t be in charge as long as you think you are the boss

“Experiment with being in your life without judgment. Be neutral about what happens. You don’t have to see things in a positive light. Just stop seeing them in a negative … Continue reading


Miracle consciousness depends on your ability to intuit the presence of God in your life

“That you exist at all is a testimony of God’s love. When you are in touch with God’s love for you, everything that happens in your life is miraculous. All … Continue reading



“Faith is the perception of goodness in that which appears to be evil. It is the perception of abundance in what appears to be lacking. It is the perception of … Continue reading


Maps and signs

  “Signs are created through our intuitive connection with life. When you are embarking on a road journey it is helpful to look at a road map. A road map … Continue reading


Finding your true inner authority is the work of a lifetime

  “Your true inner authority does not submit to the wants and needs of other people, however cleverly disguised. Nor does it submit to your own wants and needs, which … Continue reading


The futility of control

“The key to living in peace is the ability to stay in the present moment. You cannot live in the present moment if you think you are the one ‘doing’ … Continue reading


Do not become lost in the world before you know who you are

“Few people are alone with their experience. Most people are afraid to be. The irony is that those who are alone do not feel that they are alone. And those … Continue reading

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