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Together, you accept your spiritual purpose and fulfill it gracefully

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“A soul mate relationship is an exploration of the dynamics of equality, mutual trust and respect. It is a mature relationship that requires good communication skills, generally learned through the forgiveness process in previous relationships. In a sense, all of your past relationships prepare you for full participation in this one.

The soul mate cannot manifest until there is honesty and clarity in all your relationships. If you are abandoning a previous marriage partner or your children in order to be with a new lover, you might as well face the facts. You cannot find the soul mate by abandoning any other human being.

Genuine love never results in cruel behavior toward another. This does not mean that you cannot revise your commitments. But it does mean that you do so with respect and concern for others. Your soul mate cannot enter your life until you honor yourself and other fully. As you become ready for this relationship, you are internally directed toward him or her.

In the acknowledgment of your life partner comes a shift in the ground of being. No longer do you live just for your own peace and happiness. Your partner’s peace and happiness is as important as your own. You enter a new stage in your life journey. One becomes externalized as two, and two become internalized as one.

Out of your union comes a work that could not be accomplished until now. Together, you accept you spiritual purpose, and fulfill it gracefully as your relationship unfolds and radiates love to all the people in your experience.

Once you met the beloved in form, your life cannot continue on as it was. All that is separately held must be released. The isolated self must die so that the self as partner can be born.”

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