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Finding your true inner authority is the work of a lifetime



Your true inner authority does not submit to the wants and needs of other people, however cleverly disguised. Nor does it submit to your own wants and needs, which are inevitably perceived in fear. The true authority of your heart blesses you and knows that you are completely loved and completely safe. It does not want, it does not need, it does not seek approval from others.

True inner authority is rock solid and self-nurtured. It moves perpetually towards its greatest joy without harming others. It knows without hesitation that its joy is not at odds with the joy of others. It serves others not out of sacrifice but through the extension of an inner joy that is constantly bubbling up and spilling over. It is totally committed to its own truth and totally welcoming of others. It seeks not to convert others to its own experience, nor to push them away. It merely rests in its experience, content, full, willing to share.

Finding your true, inner authority is the work of a lifetime. You begin by understanding what it is not. It is not the desire to please others and obtain their approval, nor is it the desire to please self at the expense of others. It is not drawn outward into other people’s dramas, nor inward into personal wants and needs.

Call it God. Call it your Higher Self. Call it your Christ Mind or your Buddha Mind. Names do not matter. You access your inner authority through your own stillness, by sinking through the superficial dichotomies of mind into the depths of the heart. And there, not surprisingly, you encounter God not as other, but as Self. In the silence, there is just a single heartbeat.

If you were not already living in God’s heart, you could not find your way there. Yet, you do. Each of you, in some moment, stumbles on your absolute atonement and bliss. It comes so quickly you wonder if it was real. But, in fact, it was always real, always present, always awaiting your visitation, your openness of mind and heart.

Sit for a moment in profound forgiveness of yourself and everything in your experience and you will dissolve the walls which appear to hold you apart from God’s grace. Moving into that grace, the world as you know it disappears with your judgments of it. This is revelation. It is the parting of the veil.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that this experience happens only to the chosen few. It happens to everyone. It is your destiny. You will awaken, because you cannot sleep forever. You cannot be in resistance forever. You cannot be in pain forever.

Sooner or later there is a letting go of resistance and withdrawal. There is nothing to defend and nowhere to hide. You become visible and vulnerable. You accept the experience of others without judging it or trying to change it. You stop reacting, defending yourself or running away. You no longer withhold your love or push away the love of others.

This is the birth of the Christ consciousness within you. It is the indwelling Spirit of God come to rest in you heart. Now you and God are not separate, but are One.

Who is the Holy Spirit but the indwelling Christ, the Spirit of God that dwells in the heart of the Son? And who is the Son but you or me, or any other human being who knows their divine origin?

The human must die that the divine be born. Not because it is bad, but because it is the shell that holds the spirit. It is the cocoon that holds the wings of the butterfly. But you do not have to wait until the moment of your physical death for the human to die into the divine. You can make this transition now, if you are willing to stop resisting, defending, hiding, projecting shame and blame.

Right now you are like the caterpillar in the cocoon. You can’t run away, because your legs have disappeared. You are afraid to push through, but you really have no choice. It is not possible to go back to being a caterpillar. You will emerge from the dark shadows of your fear, one wing at a time. It is only a matter of time before you claim your wings and learn to fly.

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