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God can’t be in charge as long as you think you are the boss


“Experiment with being in your life without judgment. Be neutral about what happens. You don’t have to see things in a positive light. Just stop seeing them in a negative light. Stop imposing your expectations on the events and circumstances of your life. Just let life unfold and see what happens.

Your judgments and interpretations of life do not bring you peace and fulfillment. So set them aside and life be what it is. Experience life free of the limitation you place upon in it.

When you live without judgment things go smoother. Problems resolve. Relationships move on course. Your life starts to work. Increasingly, you realize that you are not the one who makes your life work. So you stop trying. You stop trying to figure things out. And you just show up and do what you are asked to do in the moment.

You can’t know God’s plan as long as you insist on your own. God can’t be in charge as long as you think you are the boss.

The primary obstacles to your relationship with God are your knowledge and your pride. Surrender these and you will make room for God’s plan in your life. Giving up your agenda allows you to open to the divine plan.

Your ego’s tendency is to keep things as they are, no matter how bad they may be. God says: “let go of the past and make room for something that honors you more deeply”. You are afraid to do that because there is no guarantee that the new will be any better than the old. You’d rather hold onto the old and invite the new in at the same time. But the new cannot come in until the old is released. When you are attached to the past, you cannot move forward.

When you let go of the past and accept what is, the universe instantly moves to support you. The deeper your let-go is, the more resources rush to your side.

It is in the nature of the ego to project the past forward into the future, to meet the new with conceptual nets that would tame it and make it conform to yesterday’s experience. There is nothing new in this. It is simply the movement of fear, which resists anything new.

It is important to see how fear operates in your life. It is important to realize how you become attached to your previous experience and resist anything new that wants to come into your life. When you hold onto your experience or use it to interpret the present experience, you push God away. When you surrender your ideas about the way things should be, let go of the past, and open to the future, you invite God back into you life.

Your ego’s agenda is to keep you safe. And safety is perceived in what is familiar, so the ego will argue that you should things as you have done in the past. The ego is, basically, uncomfortable with change. It wants continuity, predictability.

You have to demonstrate to your ego mind that you can take risks and be safe too. Each time you let go and have a positive experience, you will be mapping a different course for your life.

Growth requires change and new challenges. It disrupts the continuity in your life and asks you to go deeper.

If something is continuous, it is not miraculous. Miraculous events are not continuous with what happened before them. They represent a shift of energy, a movement out of past perception and limitation. They are unpredictable and unexpected. Sometimes they even shake things up. They take away what is no longer needed so that something new and exciting can emerge.

Without your surrender of the past, miracles cannot come into your life. You create the space in which the miraculous occurs.”

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