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Maps and signs



Signs are created through our intuitive connection with life.

When you are embarking on a road journey it is helpful to look at a road map. A road map is an intellectual construction that helps you get a general sense of how to proceed. Yet, it is not, and can never be, an actual description of the road. No one can tell you what the road will be like. Only your experience can do that.

There comes a point in every situation when preparation ends and experience begins. Knowing that you have prepared well may give you confidence, but only trust in yourself enables you to excel. Trust is a big let-go into the experience. It is a leap of faith. Eventually everyone must put the road map down and be present in the experience. Perhaps one encounters unexpected construction, a detour, or a change in weather. Driving is different than looking at a map.

The best that linear, sequential thinking can give you is a map of your potential experience, but it cannot guide you through that experience. When you are in the midst of the experience there are signs that help you out. The detour sign tells you when there is a need for a change of direction. Highway signs tell you to get in the right lane or the left. There are signs telling you where there are places to eat, to sleep, to get gas. Without reading these sign you could not have a successful experience.

Signs come from the interface between outer and inner reality. They are created through our intuitive connection with life. Signs happen only in the present moment. You don’t get a sign that says “go right tomorrow or sometime next month”. Signs show you how to navigate in the here and in the now. They are extremely useful and important. Unfortunately, they are almost totally neglected by the left brain, linear mind.

When you go on a journey, a map can be very helpful. Left brain information can help you to prepare. But once you embark, signs are a necessity. Are you paying attention to the signs that arise in your life? Or are you trying to do your life with a map alone?

Each of you has access to guidance at a deep emotional level. If you are present in your experience you will see the signs that are posted there. The sign may simply tell you “this feels right” or “this doesn’t feel good”, but that is often the only information you need. You don’t need to have the vision of a saint in order to receive guidance.

Guidance is your greatest ally in life. When you rely on your guidance you can get by with a minimum of planning. But when you ignore your guidance, no amount of planning can guide you home.

If you know where you want to go, you can rely on your guidance to help you get there. Trying to figure out how you will get there, intellectually, is an exercise in futility. You simply can’t know in advance. But when you are in the process, the signs will appear, and you will know what turns to take.

The more you trust your guidance, the more spontaneous your life becomes. Your plans are flexible, allowing for unanticipated circumstances, yet you remain committed to your goals. Indeed, you are able to make commitments from a deeper place and when you fulfill these commitments  you do so without sacrifice.”

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