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The Gift of Love. A Healed World

Carl Bloch, Christ and the Young Child

Love Is the Greatest Gift

“After you do the [healing] work for a while, you realize that complete surrender is what is required. You can’t figure it out in your head. You just have to open your heart and be present. You can’t make the mistake of thinking that you are doing it. You just have to let it be done through you.

Each of us is asked to get out of the way and let Spirit work through us. That is how our gift can best be utilized. If we try to take charge or be in control, we will limit our gift or its expression.

We have to remember that we are not the ones who help or heal. Love does it through us. Each of us is merely an instrument of God’s abundance and grace.

God does not ask us for much. God only asks us for our willingness, but that is enough. That is what creates the pathway for the expression of Love in the world.

The only real gift is the gift of love. And you cannot give this gift until you receive it.

You cannot show up for others until you learn to show up for yourself. You need to learn to love yourself.

That is the foundation of our spiritual work. We cannot help others until we can say from the depths of our hearts “I really love myself”. Because that is what we are asked to model.

To truly love ourselves, we must drop the masks and address our wounds. We must see our suffering and our reactive behavior patterns and look behind them to find out where it really hurts. We must come to terms with our Core Wounds and our Core Beliefs about ourselves.

What do we build as long as we are unconsciously driven by our wounds? We build the False Self. And the False Self becomes our prison. It keeps our pain locked in.

Sooner or later, if we want to be happy, we have to dissolve the walls of that prison. We have to liberate the True Self. And there is only one way to do it.

We have to bring love to the wounded parts of ourselves.When we bring love, our wounds heal. Our reactive behavior patterns end. We stop betraying ourselves. That is when we become authentic and step into our power. That is when we wake up.

Only one who has learned to bring love to the wound can heal and be empowered. Only one who has wrapped their arms around their shadow and invited the wounded child to sit on their lap can heal the pain of that child.

There are many wounded children in this world, walking around in adult bodies. They trespass on each other. They attack and defend. They trigger the wound over and over again.

All the brutality of human life is directly connected to our core wounds. This brutality – indeed the whole cycle of violence – will not end until each of us has the courage to face our wound and heal it.

Lest we look within, we will continue to be victim or a victimizer. If you look around, that is what you will see in this world. Some do a better job of disguising their pain than others, but peel back the onion, look behind the mask and you will see the demons that lurk in every mind and every heart.

We all have a choice in this life. We can learn to bring love or we can refuse to do it.

If we bring to love, we will move out of victimhood. We will step into our power and become authentic. This very act empowers others and models the work of healing and transformation for them. We don’t have to have a formal role in their lives. Our mere presence in their lives is transformational.

Just by showing up and being who we are, we become a witness to the power of love. We radiate the presence of love because it has taken root in our heart.

We all have many gifts. Sharing these gifts brings the most profound joy. But we have to remember that the only gift that we can ever give or receive is the Gift of Love. All other gifts are different forms of this one.

Love is here for everyone. Even when people are being difficult, that it’s just because they are wounded and feel cut off from the Source. We can look past their behavior. We can reach out to the hurt little kid in them, just as we have learned to reach out to our own.

Christ in Gethsemane_Carl Bloch

Healing Our Collective Wound

“If I can heal, you can heal. It simply requires your willingness. Generally, we are not willing until the pain becomes unbearable. Then and only then do we ask for help. The same dynamics apply to the collective healing process.

Some groups of people have a low pain threshold and begin their journey early on. They establish communities where love abides and does its work. They nurture themselves and their environment. They come back into harmony with the earth.

Other groups have a high pain threshold. They go to war and brutalize each other and the earth. They live and die by the sword. This has occurred throughout human history. So what is different now?

What is different now is that now brutality is planetary-wide. No longer will peaceful groups be able to love out their lives apart from the maddening crowd. There is now one destiny for all the people – indeed all the creatures – on planet Earth.

We can no longer live in isolation. We can no longer live in denial of our pain, nor can we live with those who are in denial. We must reach out and offer help.

Whenever we witness injustice or brutality, we can say to those who are suffering: “If you are in pain we can help. We have made the journey from fear to love. We can show you the way through the dark tunnel of your pain.”

Not all whom we address will reach out an take our hand. But some of them will. And those are the ones that we are here to help.

Right now, our numbers are few, but more will come. More people will hit their pain threshold and come to us for healing and empowerment. We are here to serve them.

As more of us heal our wounds and begin to offer our gifts, our numbers will grow and we will be able to facilitate healing for larger numbers of people on the planet.

Some time ago, there was a movie called Field of Dreams. In it, a man received a vision from God to build a baseball field in the middle of nowhere. Everyone thought he was crazy. But he was told by God: “If you build it, they will come”. And they did.

For years now, we have been building a powerful community of people who are devoted to a deep emotional healing process. Those who have come to join us have been courageous. It has not been easy for them to face their fears and bring love to their wounds. But they have done this. And now their lives have been transformed. Now they are ready to share their healing with you.

We are building this community because we were told that you would come. We were told that there would come a time in your life when you would know that you could not shift the pain by yourself. And you would reach out to us.

We came here for our own healing, but we stay here for yours. We know that when you are ready you will find us.

Three years ago, when I received the vision for this work, I was told that the Earth was in crisis and people would need a place where they could heal and connect with the high frequency energies of unconditional acceptance and love. Before I had received the vision, I thought that my work on Earth had been done. I had written over thirty books and for thirty years I had held transformational workshops, retreats and conferences all over the world. But I was wrong. My work was not done. I was asked to do one more thing. I was asked to build this community. I knew that I could not do this by myself, so I put out a call to all of my readers. I told them “If you are ready to move from your head to your heart, if you are ready to transform your life and be in service to our planet, join me now. We have a great work to do together.”

The first wave of people came. Many were drawn by the energy, but only a few stayed. Only a few were truly committed. They became the nucleus of our community, the minion who would help me hold the work and extend it to others.

Then the second wave came from countries all over the globe. And so our international healing community was birthed and it continues to grow steadily.

People come and open their hearts to the power of love and bring it home with them. They become the light in the wilderness. They become the voice of love that speaks when fear rises.

Today it is no longer possible for men and women of good faith to sit on the sidelines while the human race goes down to its most ignominious defeat. Today, everyone who cares has to get into the game.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what your gift is or how to give it. If you volunteer, you will find out.

In case you wondered, our team has a very long bench with plenty of seats on it. And we have one of the best coaches in the business.

If the stories in this book have made your heart sing, maybe your name is on one of those seats. If not, there is another team that needs you.

It does not matter which team you join. Join whichever one speaks to your heart. But don’t hold back. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t think that your healing and your gift don’t matter. They absolutely do matter!

Today, many lights are needed and many voices need to be lifted up. May yours be among them!

Embracing our true self_Paul FerriniPaul Ferrini
Embracing Our True Self

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