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Grace is not continuous for anyone. Grace happens in the flow of life, not apart from it. Love’s presence is gentle and forgiving



When you love and honor yourself there is harmony and peace in your life. Things unfold naturally, without struggle.

Grace becomes the guiding light in your life. It the compass by which you navigate. Whenever you experience disharmony or conflict, you know you have lost your alignment with love. You know it is time to stop, breathe and re-center.

Grace is not continuous for anyone. New lessons emerge that must be learned. No matter how far the heart has opened, there will be times when it still contracts in fear. That is to be expected.

Perfection is not possible. As long as you are here, in a body, you cannot be mistake-free. You see how alignment happens and is lost. You see how you lose the flow of grace in your life and how you need to adjust to regain your rhythm and reconnect with the flow of life.

The rhythm of the dance continues with you or without you. The breath comes in and goes out. Attention comes and goes. Self is forgotten and remembered. It is a gentle, forgiving dance, not a rigid one. This is the best life has to offer. If you are looking for more than this, you search in vain. If you are looking for absolute enlightenment, absolute certainty, you will not find it.

Grace happens in the flow of life, not apart from it.

When you enter fully into your life all obstacles to love will be gently washed away. Breathing in, you will open to embrace what comes. Breathing out, you will gently release it.”

41vaTrm1cJL._SX319_BO1,204,203,200_Paul Ferrini – The Silence of the Heart


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