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Love is the ultimate reality.


When you learn to connect to God in your heart you will understand directly the truth He is teaching you. If you know God in your heart, you will embody His teaching with inner certainty. You will know that love is the only answer to your problems.

When you give love you cannot help but receive it. Indeed, the more you give, the more you receive. There is no deficiency of love in the world. Love lives in the heart of every human being. If it is trusted, it has the power to uplift consciousnesses and change the conditions under which you live.

Love is the ultimate reality. It is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. It emanates from itself, expresses itself, and rests in itself. Whether rising or falling, ebbing or flowing, it never loses touch with what it is.

When you are in communion with love you never lose touch with your true nature.

When you lose your connection to love you experience pain. You suffer. Yet, suffering has a purpose. It wakes you up. Suffering helps you learn to reconnect with the presence of love in your heart.

Death may dissolve the body and the world, but it cannot dissolve love, because love is eternal. Love is not dependent on a particular body or personality.

God is present in your love. When you find the love in your heart you know that God is with you. It is that simple.

Narrow-mindedness, judgment of of others, selfishness, greed, spiritual pride will prevent you from having communion with God. All this must be surrendered if you would abide with God.

If you want to meet and know God, open your heart to love’s presence and open your mind to the truth God has shared with you. You will meet in a place without judgment or fear where all are equal and all are loved. God does not live in a body or in a limited place. God lives in the love that uplifts all bodies, all hearts and all minds.

That is the temple where you will find God. That is the place where you and God will lift up your voices together, in prayer and celebration.”

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