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To change the outer circumstances of your life, you must look at the contents of your own consciousness

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“When you are scared and overwhelmed by life, you think you are the victim of pain in a meaningless world. You do not know that your pain belongs to you and that it is your responsibility to transform it. You do not know that you are here on Earth with specific lessons to learn about how to love yourself and others.

Yet, sooner or later, you realize that life is not going to conform to your expectations and demands. And you understand that your frustration will continue until you change your attitude towards life.

Trying to change the external events and circumstances of your life without addressing your internal beliefs and attitudes is an ineffective strategy. If you want to change the outer circumstances of your life, you must begin to look at the contents of your own consciousness. What meaning are you giving to the situation that presents itself? Are you suffering because of what happened or because of your interpretation of it?

The spiritual path begins with self-scrutiny, not with mechanical words and deeds aimed at increasing your ability to get what you want. The search for external abundance cannot succeed when you are feeling bankrupt within, even when it results in increasing your bank account and our possessions.

Inner wealth translates into appropriate supply: neither too much, nor too little. You have just what you need when you need it. When you accept life as it is offered to you, you avoid an unnecessary struggle. You realize that the way you look at something influences the way you experience it and what you attract in the future. If you stop resisting life, it gets easier. Events which support you begin to occur naturally. You don’t have to try to make them happen.

The law of grace operates from the inside out. As changes are made in the way you hold your experience, your experience begins to shift.

You do not reject or find fault with your experience just because it shows up differently from the way you expect it to. Instead, you take a deep breath, let go of your expectations, and try to get your arms around what is happening. You know that your job is to embrace everything that is happening to you. And that the more difficult it is for you to embrace something, the more deeply you will learn from it.

You learn to surrender into life and to trust it as it unfolds.  This surrender is required not just once or twice, but continually, day to day, hour to hour, moment to moment. As the outside and the inside are brought into alignment, grace unfolds.

Grace is poetry in motion. It is a mercurial dance, embodying form for an instant, and then abandoning it. It comes into being, it disappears, changes shape, and reappears. It is spontaneous, playful, always new. You must be in the moment to see it or appreciate it.

God once told you “knock and it will be open”.

For you are the bringer of love. You are the one who brings the light that illumines the darkness. Because you have learned to love yourself, you can receive God’s love and carry it with you. Thus, wherever you go, God goes with you. Through you, His teaching is given to the world authentically, as He gave it to you.

Once you arrive in the House of Love you never leave it. You merely open the door to others when they are ready to join you.”

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