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Reverence to life and service to others is the key


“Reverence to life and service to others is the key to getting off this planet.”

“Whenever we get too tied down to anything on earth – be it a name, a body, a lifestyle – that’s the road to ruin. When you get too worried about the human body and this lifetime and you put too much effort in it (in the negative sense, like fighting someone), it just keeps you from your goal. So I don’t bother.”

“Emotionally, I stay centered through music.”

Prince on the meaning of life


„There is a disintegration going on that we really have to address. And our values have been lessened to a great degree.”

“It’s very obvious, when you hear words and lyrics, whether they enlighten or discourage.”

Prince on the influence of music


“When I was 16 and broke I took the Yellow Pages out and I couldn’t find one thing that I wanted to do. So I decided to push as hard as I could to become a musician. And I went at it.
I think I would want to teach in some capacity. Also, we have great musicians in our band and I am learning from them. So as much as I’d like to teach, I also like to learn.”

Prince – Arsenio Hall Show


“I think a lot about something that is gonna unite us all. We need to find out what that is, because if Jesus came down here we probably would not recognize him.”

“The fact that I have an impact on many people’s lives makes me feel grateful to be alive. But Jesus is far more important. I have stopped signing autographs. We all need to unite for a reason, we all need to welcome Jesus’ return. And if we could focus on that, all of us, I think all of this chaos will cease.”

Prince – BET Interview



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