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The beauty of suffering is that it gives you a compass on the dashboard of your life

Old man in sorrow_Vincent van Gogh

“The beauty of suffering — told by every great master — is that it gives you a gauge, a compass on the dashboard of your life, to guide you toward joy, toward ease, knowing and liberation – liberation from greater suffering.
When you’re life is heading off course and you begin to suffer – if you don’t correct your course, but stubbornly maintain that off-course, direction – then you’ll suffer even more.

The more you complain about it, the more you’ll suffer, because you’re not listening. But if you use this suffering as a gauge, as a guide to direct you back on course, toward your benevolent destiny, then the suffering ends, as you operate in alignment with that destiny.

Just as when your hand comes near a hot stove, the hand experiences the heat; if you didn’t feel anything, but placed your hand on the stove, you’d burn. Suffering is that warning, that sensation — it’s the way the physical world tells you; the emotional world tells you; the mental world tells you: „Hey, you’re about to make a mistake, about to walk down the wrong path. Change now.

We don’t control what happens in life, we can control how we respond to it. When handled respectfully, suffering becomes a gentle, sacred guidance system in a life that makes good sense and grows.
There’s one challenge: when you think of it as punishment or as a condemnation that you’re bad, then suffering becomes magnified, it becomes a road block to your growth.

Our prayer is that you embrace your suffering as a guide; open to the directives that it sends you; follow these directives and then live without suffering. Always be grateful — grateful that it’s right there,  benevolently waiting to guide you back on course. Suffering is a friend.”

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