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Anything that is worth doing is worth doing with a whole heart


Anything that is worth doing is worth doing with a whole heart. And mind. And body.”

“We get into trouble not because we do things that are wrong, but because we approach our activities with divided intentions. Our body is doing one thing while our heart is elsewhere. We go to jobs we’d rather not be at, we sleep with people we don’t love, we go to parties we secretly find boring or repulsive. At the same time we love people we don’t express our love for, we deny ourselves food we would really enjoy, we have creative impulses we do not follow, and we know truths we do not act on.”

“You are in integrity when what you are doing on the outside matches who you are on the inside. I respect people who live unapologetically. I know people who do things I don’t agree with, or wouldn’t do myself, but I respect them for being 100% who they are. They are in integrity.”

“We invented time- and labor-saving devices to give us more time to enjoy life. But instead of enjoying life with our extra time, we find more things to do. Ultimately our life is not richer because of our voicemails, emails, cell phones, faxes, pagers, and microwaves; it is just busier. If we did more of the things we really want to do with our free time, these inventions would be worthwhile. Instead, we find more things we have to do.”

“Presence makes our lives qualitatively better. Being 100% with what you are doing –  approaching work, relationships, everything with a whole heart.”

„It does not take a lot of time to make contact [with another person]; just a few moments of full presence can be completely fulfilling.”

Alan Cohen –



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