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Dumnezeu trebuie căutat în însăși realitatea Vieții. Și mai ales în adâncul inimii tale.

„- Atunci unde rămâne Dumnezeu? -Dumnezeu, dacă poți crede că El există, trebuie căutat în însăși realitatea Vieții. -Și mai ales în adâncul inimii tale.” * „Mai mult ca oricând … Continue reading


Personal Boundaries vs. Oneness. How to Develop Healthy Boundaries.

“We can think of a boundary as a line that uniquely defines and separates your personal happiness, integrity, desires and needs, and therefore most importantly your personal truth from the … Continue reading


You are on a path of joy. Grab that deep part of your heart from Home. Put your puzzle piece on the board.

You are on a path of joy. We have watched as many of you have started to evolve in so many different ways, and this day we wish to share … Continue reading


“Be faithful to that which exists within yourself.” “Wisdom comes not from reason but from love.”

“Dare to be yourself. Don’t ever do anything through affectation or to make people like you or through imitation or for the pleasure of contradicting.” “Pay no attention to appearing. … Continue reading


Omul care se pregătește să înțeleagă ceea ce vede.

Helene Grimaud – Lecţii aparte „[Profesorul] semăna nemaipomenit cu [Maestrul meu] Pierre Barbizet.  Am revăzut imediat chipul Maestrului meu, ochii lui strălucitori atunci când pricepeam ceea ce el ne condusese … Continue reading


Align with the Light and the Will of the Universe.

“Stress isn’t what you feel based on how other people act. Stress is a clear reminder of whether in that moment you are in alignment with Divine Will or with … Continue reading


While there may not always be parts to heal, there will always be things to love.

“You can recognize each moment as an opportunity to spiritually evolve without judging it as a form of bypassing, or avoiding the intensity of how things feel. Many who identify … Continue reading

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