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Align with the Light and the Will of the Universe.


“Stress isn’t what you feel based on how other people act.
Stress is a clear reminder of whether in that moment you are in alignment with Divine Will or with the will of ego.”

 “At any time you are in a moment of stress, it is the Universe helping to remind you that you are, in this moment, aligned with the energy of ego, and when you are aligned with the energy of ego, no matter how hard you work, most of the outcomes will be dissatisfying, will be unfulfilling, will be exhausting. Even if the outcome is what you anticipated, it will rarely fulfill you, because the outcome of life is not necessarily about how hard you are working, but is reflecting the energy you are anchoring. So in a moment of stress, that is Life saying: ‘you’re not quite aligned with the right kind of energy on the inside’

 “The most important spiritual decision is the choice to align with the Light and the Will of the Universe.”

Clarifying the responsibility of stress – when you are unconsciously stressful the reaction is always towards someone else, pointing the finger of blame, retailing against them (wither lash out or shut down) because the person who, by appointment of the Universe, has been brought to remind you that you are not as aligned as you could be, is the one who gets blamed for your stress.

When you are aligned with the Universe there is no stress, you are naturally at peace, you are fully trusting in the highest will of divine perfection, you are open to what is coming your way, you are willing to participate with life without trying to control it. You are fulfilled by less and not desperately craving more.

When you are aligned with the will of the ego you are dissatisfied, you are disinterested, you are without passion (in some cases), you are holding on to grudges, you take life personally, life tends to be stressful, chaotic and painful, and no matter how hard you work life can’t ever feel the way you want it to feel.

Aligning with the Will of the Universe is silencing your out loud and asking the Universe to work through you and to carry out on your behalf what you cannot do by yourself.

Within the One are different aspects and expressions of Oneness. And those infinite aspects all work together as an ensemble performance. Divinity calls on Divinity to carry out the divine plan. You are the Universe, but not until you call on the Universe that you are to work through you. This humbles the spiritual ego.

Usually, identity is how attached we are to something called ‘my’. We can be on the most progressive spiritual path and till be aligned with ego – “I am doing it myself”. You can be on your spiritual path, but aligned with the wrong energy – and your spiritual path, which started as a journey of relaxation, becomes the one thing stressing you out the most.

Two different type of imbalances in the spiritual journey:
There are people who call on the universe to work through them, but are not active in their choice-making to actually help the Universe work through them. We call on the universe and we think the Universe is going to do it all for us and that we do not play a part in the participation.
(2) Sometimes we are so focused on participating that we forget to call on the Universe to work through us, so we’re just going at it, blazing a trail and exhausting ourselves in the process.

In aligning with the Light of the Universe you are aligning with the timeline of your highest destiny even if it doesn’t match the desires of your ego.

You get aligned by accepting or admitting what you don’t know how to do and then calling on the Universe to work through you. Use stress as an indicator of the need to align.

The same decisions have a different outcome based on different internal alignment.

Most people don’t call on the Universe because they are too busy to impress the Universe and they don’t think they have the right to call on it first. You have the right to call on God – you’re in form, you’ve incarnated, don’t deny your resources.

When you invoke the Light of Divinity your path gets easy, because you are aligning with the right kind of energy, and from that moment forward your choices are easier to make, reality is much clearer to see.

How often does one call on the Universe to work through them is the prime benchmark of spiritual maturity.

Everything in the Universe is God trying to impress you so that you call on the Divine more often.

When in alignment with the Divine, instead of experiencing what is unresolved in the world, I will experience the light that the world has not realized itself to be.

The right people can gather together, but if they are not internally aligned [to the Light and the Will of the Universe] they will not be able to manifest the right end result.

Progress occurs from the inside out. Call on the Universe and the response of Divinity is waking up within you.

When you call on the Universe you become a divine alchemist saying “first I align with the right energy on the inside and then everything on the outside will be aligned with the right internal alignment and whatever will be can only be the highest possibility”. It’s a natural state of acceptance and peace, not you trying to hold yourself in some state or another. You are not trying to accept and forgive, acceptance and forgiveness is what happens when you are aligned.

When you align you feel satisfaction and clarity – not because you came up with the right answer, but because you have called and aligned with the right energy. You are the Divine, but you are the Divine that must call on your divinity in order to become what you already are. Just like a seed that needs to be planted in order to bloom.

It’s a collaborative effort, it’s not a form of separation. The truth is simple: Its will is infinite, its ability to help is spectacular, you have to call upon it and invoke it into you. The word of God would be: “There is nothing to figure out just call my name”. There is nothing stranger than a half-awakened divine being who’s trying to be overly independent. This is about interdependence. This is about all aspects of Divinity working together, as One.

Love will have the final word, Light will prevail, this Planet already is in the process of being reborn and replenished – not just on a spiritual level, but down to the eco-system and all levels that draw concern in our minds.

Call on the Universe and the Universe will do it for you, which means the Universe will do it through you, which means that you will also be doing it, but it will come from a different energy and it will be a way different outcome.

When it doubt, call on the Light and the Will of the Universe.

Spirituality is pro-Light. Religion is anti-sin (trying not to sin is what religious egos tries to do). Religion is an ego’s attempt to control the path of its spiritual destiny. Spirituality is the reality of every being that religion attempts to explain or describe. We don’t need to be anti-darkness, we only need to be pro-Light, and the way to be pro-Light is to call on the Universe every day.

“I call on the Light of the Universe to work through me, to bring to life my most fulfilling reality, for the wellbeing of all, that I am now.”

“I am so thankful and grateful the Universe works through me to bring to life my most fulfilling reality, for the wellbeing of all, that I am now.”

 In a world of endless questions, Love is the only answer.

 The Most Important Spiritual Decision – Matt Kahn/




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