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Signs of spiritual awakening


“The urge to move, but you want to move on your own. You don’t want to be around the same kind of people/types of consciousness all the time. You want to find parts of yourself, you are on a self-discovery journey.”

“You’ll stop laughing at your friends’ jokes (as you are no longer mimicking other people’s behaviors).”

“Your sex drive will be low. Your awareness will no longer be situated within the lower half of your body. Your awareness in your chest and head – heart and mind.”

“You won’t get sex metaphors – someone says banana you think smoothies.”

“You’ll stop watching TV. You’ll put time and effort into becoming better, experiencing something that is real.”

“You’ll become more self-focused, concentrating on growing into the best version of yourself, stresstles, free. You will be focused on your business, which, unlike someone elses’s business, is perfect for you as it is tailored-made for you.”

“You will question everything (you have learned). Everything needs to match your experience. You become a truth seeker. You put your self in experiences, because you want to experience truth and then tell people how you got there.”

“You will drop out of crowds, drop out of society. And become a natural leader – because whilst you are exploring people will see you explore and they will want to know what you did in order to have these epiphanies, these moments in your life that have made you who you are. And they will start embarking on the same journeys.”

“You’ll start being so connected to everything that you will start to perceive new aspects of the senses, which no one else even knows about. There are so many ways to experience the whole of reality, different dimensional layers of reality that you are not accustomed to, which deal with a whole range and variety of senses.”

Ryan Cropper – Signs of Spiritual Awakening – YouTube

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