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Intuitive people live differently


“Highly intuitive people know how to trust themselves.
They have an internal knowing that they don’t need to muddy and meddle with things in life. They understand that the more they interfere the more they become a hindrance in the natural unfolding of life’s journey. Life will always align itself with the experiences we need, to find fulfillment.

Their partners.
A highly intuitive person chooses their partner not by looks, physique, material possessions or any other ego driven persona. An intuitive person looks deeper, as they are equipped with a built-in radar that pierces beyond, to find what rests in their potential mate’s heart. They choose their partner above all else because their partner “has a good heart”.

Their careers.
A highly intuitive person will not choose a career over another because of a larger salary. When faced with career decisions, they will choose the place of work where they feel the most connected to those around them. They seek vibrational alignment and mutual understanding with their coworkers. They want to work and create with those that bring them happiness and fulfillment.

Their passions.
Highly intuitive people most always have a passion or a calling. They can’t help but be creative, as their intuition breeds creativity, building upon each other. Creativity is always beckoning for an outlet, and the more in tune we are the more we are in need of one.

Where they live.
Highly intuitive people require solitude, and lots of it, in order to rebalance and recharge. They are aware of the energy around them at all times and are very observant. In tight living quarters they are able to feel the energy of others and will quite often scope out their surroundings before signing a long-term deal. Intuitive people prefer living alongside bodies of water or wide open green spaces and when they can’t get their fill of the forest they will bring nature to them, literally.

Their friends.
Intuitives know themselves very well and by this wisdom attained they understand others on a deeper level than most. Intuitives will keep their circle small, but are known to be very likable and approachable. Highly intuitive people are often drawn to friendships that will encourage their own personal growth and seek those who can match their level emotionally by mirroring themselves in order to illuminate the hidden aspects of their shadow. Intuitives are not afraid of these relationships and are thankful for the lessons they bring.

Their body.
“I eat what I want when I want.”
Intuitives are known to be “snackers” and they listen to what their body needs in order to function at an optimal level. They know that great energy flow begins with taking care of your body, and intuitives know how to listen.

Their goals.
“My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but better than what I used to be.”
Wayne Dyer
Highly intuitive people are not usually highly competitive or in constant competition with others. They tend to look back to see what they have learned and how far they have come.

What they value.
“More people would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t so busy denying them.”
– Harold J. Smith.
Above all else, highly intuitive people value honesty. They understand that every single person on this Earth is here to learn and evolve and they appreciate those who can own up to their own faults. They highly value wisdom attained and understand that wisdom can come from hard lessons.

Their activities.
A highly intuitive person will naturally engage in activities that will balance their energy. They will be automatically drawn to what they feel is “out of sync” and will seek to rebalance themselves as soon as possible. This will typically occur without a conscious thought process, as they find themselves sporadically participating in outdoor activity, a yoga class, gardening, clay moulding, painting, reading, writing, meditating or simply listening to music.

From an outside perspective, a highly intuitive person can be viewed as someone who is quick to draw conclusions or someone who is always looking for meaning even in the smallest of synchronicity. But to the perceptive one, a highly intuitive person understands that our thoughts create our reality and our energy attracts our experience. A highly intuitive person will most often notice these meaningful coincidences through rapid thought manifestation and signs from the universe by way of symbolism.

Their dreams.
A highly intuitive person understands that dreams are the gateway to understanding themselves better. As it is only by knowing ourselves that we can truly become the masters of our reality. Through our dream state we explore our own emotional depths, we work out problems and every-day life situations and we connect to a higher level of consciousness, where we gain insight on our own soul called journey, life purpose and collective evolution.

We all have an inner voice, and we can choose to listen to it or ignore it. Each time you ignore it, however, life, becomes a little more difficult. The path becomes a little more steep and less clear.
So choose to listen, choose to trust yourself and choose to follow your heart.”

Source – 11 Ways Highly Intuitive People Live Differently – YouTube

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