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Make your ego aware of your purpose

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“Ego has a very bad reputation for a very good reason. When allowed to grow without conscious guidance it can be self-centric, which is good because it’s helped you survive.

But the ego is actually a neutral participant in your life that takes on the character of your will. There’s a cute saying, “Wherever ego, we go.” Ego is not a good or bad thing in and of itself – it’s whatever you assign it to be, knowingly or unknowingly, consciously or unconsciously. It’s at your ‘action-core’.

The ancient masters would refer to the ego as the ‘glue’ that binds the Soul into the physical body. The nature of how it’s perceived is dependent upon the input that it receives – what is the depth of consciousness for the input, for its direction.

The sensation of egoless-ness is not less ego, it’s just a more benevolent orientation, less insecure and more focused on giving than receiving.

It’s time to back off criticizing the ego and, instead, fuel it for what it is and what it can do.

When there’s a strong glue between the Soul-body and your physical body, there’s less fear of death, less insecurity in action, and more courage. Whenever there’s more courage, there’s a deeper connection with the heart. The word ‘cour’ means heart and the word ‘age’ means time – courage is a time of the heart.

Program the ego to lift your purpose, to connect with your mission. Make it a partner that becomes a tool to use consciously while focusing its power. Use the ego and fuel the ego to accomplish your lofty goals.

This is very helpful considering the structure of a matter, where every action has an equal reaction. When your mission is huge, opposition is huge. The ego must be able to carry it.

Our prayer is that you realize the ego is not a problem, it’s a powerful teammate. Have a talk with it daily and make it aware of your purpose – it can move mountains for you. Be good with this; let it run with the winds of time and find that magical road where your passions fulfill your mission.”

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