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Surrender your need to fight. Be inspired by what you are here to stand for.


“The ego either needs something to fight for or something to fight against. What if the reason why so much in the world appears the way it does is to keep the pattern of fight active in the collective? When change isn’t something to fight for or fight against, you become the change you wish to see by allowing life to change you for the better.

Perhaps this begins by making a decision to no longer fight the things that seem to fight you. While this is not an excuse to stay in toxic relationships or justify anyone’s unconscious behavior, you can develop the courage and conviction to move into new directions that respect and honor your absolute worth without having to make enemies out of those who seem to make an enemy out of you.

Simply by surrendering your need, desire, or tendency to fight your mind, fight your feelings, fight your symptoms, fight with others, fight against criticism, or any perceivable struggle or injustice, you become an open space through which the light of Divinity shines through for the evolution of all. This doesn’t mean refusing to take action. It merely invites you to be inspired by what you are here to stand for without having to battle the things you seem to be up against. What is this moment like if you stop fighting, even when the world around you remains in conflict? This is today’s moment of inquiry.”


„Every ego needs an enemy in order to be fed by the conflict, disapproval, and discord that keeps unconsciousness in-tact. On an energetic level, you unknowingly help empower the things you oppose, whenever you turn away in protest, without turning toward the truths you support. This means you don’t need to battle whatever you’re against in order to take a stand for what you’re for. Whatever you endorse deserves the commitment of your loving attention to help bring it forward for the well-being of all. Whatever arises, love that. This is the way of heart-centered consciousness.

Matt Kahn



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