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When you love yourself, the Angel within you is given permission to awaken.


A vibration isn’t determined by how much comfort or discomfort you feel. Vibration determines how often your life is witnessed through a lens of judgment or through the eyes of gratitude. Once rooted in gratitude, discomfort reflects how progressive of a healing journey you are on, as your contribution toward an evolving humanity. There will come a time, sooner than you might think, where you are able to uplift the world without matching the emotional debris that your energy field transmutes in others. As this shift occurs, from someone in need of healing to becoming the light of healing that liberates each heart, comfort becomes a more consistent experience to reflect how integrated you’ve become, as a result of your healing journey.

Your journey of healing is a path of energetic preparation. It is where the inner victim is guided back home to the light, as the body becomes a physical vessel for the awakening Angel within you to embody and reside. We are bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to life and it is an undertaking only accomplished by the Angel within you.

This is why you are being prepared. This is why it can be uncomfortable. And yet, discomfort doesn’t have to be so grueling, overwhelming, and exhausting, when loving what arises. Loving what arises isn’t a mode of manipulation that forces discomfort to dissolve. Instead, it is the very means by which you join with the Universe in supporting you with the kindness, softness, gentleness, and care that you truly deserve, which tends to invite the greatest amount of peace, ease, and harmony, no matter how uncomfortable your journey seems to be.

When you love yourself, whether comfortable or not, the Angel within you is given permission to awaken; this allowing your healing journey of energetic preparation to become a celebration of Divine arrival. This is the point of your mission. It is the deeper purpose within and throughout all the heaviness, despair, heartbreak, and hurt you have faced. And now, it is time to move into the most exciting chapters of incarnation that each of us have been more than prepared to explore.

The light is here, as never before, that you are now. Welcome home Eternal One. Welcome home.”


“There is nothing wrong with however you feel, even if you don’t know exactly what you are feeling, or aren’t feeling in any particular way. Even if you dislike how you feel, or wish it felt differently, there is no time to shut down or lash out at others when allowing your feelings to be noticed, embraced, and honored. To believe any particular feeling has the power to sabotage your highest potential or manifest greater adversity overlooks the fact that feelings are indicators of when healing is taking place.

When negative feelings arise, a healing is occurring. When positive emotions are noticed, energetic activations are unfolding. Whether a healing or activation occurs, it is sensed within you, as you empath the healings and activations that are occurring in the collective as a result of your fully illuminated energy field. Once you know the things you feel are not actually yours, but your ongoing contribution toward the evolution of humanity, you can help others heal without having to be overwhelmed by the emotional debris clearing out. Instead, you can rest as the light of Divinity and commune with the consciousness your energy field draws out of others.

When what you feel is not yours, but your experience of lightening the load for humanity, you free yourself from the heaviness of being someone in need of being rescued by remembering yourself to be the light that liberates all.”

Matt Kahn



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