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When time is dark, you’re here to be light. In the moments of light, you’re here to enjoy.


There’s a unique sound and rhythm to your existence. Your heart mimics this tone, beat and pulse. Your heart is unique. Throughout the multiverse there’s great light, and great darkness and your uniqueness has experienced them all, countless times.

The current time is foretold in the Bible, the Torah, the Koran and the Vedas – every path forecasts this moment of now. Each time you’ve experienced lightness and darkness, you’ve been cutting a facet in the diamond of your existence – not a sensory experience of your existence, but the very core of the momentum within your moments, the vibrations within the particles within the parts.

Just as your DNA markers are unique, your fingerprints are unique, your iris print is unique, and the print of your voice pattern is unique, the print of your heart’s tone, pulse and beat is fully yours, and only yours.

Your heart experiences this darkness with the will to correct it, to light the way. You’ve been assigned to this darkness on this planet of your life, in this time of your life, for the sake of the planet’s life. It’s a moment to experience the difference and make a difference.

When time is dark, you’re here to be light, and in the moments of light, you’re here to enjoy.

In the face of the current danger and darkness, you’re a warrior of accuracy, not violence. In the face of the current ignorance and folly, you’re a scholar without judgement. In the face of the joy and light at the core of your being, remind yourself of who you are being.

For you’re a master and a prophet in a world of greed for profit. You’re the bearer of miracles and masterpieces and it’s time to stop performing them in the backyard of your life. Move out onto this world stage of making a difference. You’re not alone, it’s a giant game of tag.

Our prayer is that you know both you and the darkness are here for a reason; that you know in great risk your faith is deeper; when your faith is deep, your prayer is louder; when your prayer is loud, angels show up. Enter the risk on this Earth as a warrior; bask in the joy of your ‘self’ as a lover, and show up in these times of darkness as a savior . . . tag . . . you’re it”

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