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Endless gifts of expansion when the decisions you make are inspired by your heart.

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Gheorghe Ciobanu

“Love is the fragrance of admiration lingering throughout experiences. Love is a gravitational force that brings us together to discover something deeper, even when we think there’s nothing left to uncover. Love is a song of invincibility that plays in every heart, no matter how many times it seems to be shattered. It is an echo of shared laughter introducing friendship in the most unlikely of places. Love is the capability of grace that can reduce the harshest and most skeptical minds into a whirlwind of innocent joy.

Love is a celebration of equality appearing as a play of contrast and comparison. It is the battle cry of an unguarded heart, a call of redemption for the misunderstood, and the light of unity illuminating every shadow in sight. Love is the answer to any question; once a question is recognized as a fearless request to plants seeds of harmony in every heart.

Love is both the source and subject of inspiration. It is an eternal space through which the greatness of creativity flows. Love is the will to survive what is faced. It is the opportunity to forgive what is remembered, without a need to forget, so the wisdom inspired by the survival of tragedy can be passed along for others to find. Love is the insistence of a bigger picture – no matter how extravagant or mundane it is painted to appear. Love is the road map home to a place you never left. Love is the impulse of your divine birthright to dig up roots and see what makes you shine so brightly. Love is the final word in every story. Love is the primordial meaning expressed in sound.

Love is the artist of timeless beauty. Love is the remover of denial. Love is the hope dwelling in ashes. Love is the promise ignited in every heart. Love is an eternal breath leading you wherever you’re meant to be, simply for the joy of remembering exactly where you stand. Love is the commitment of family and the creator of community. Love is the benefactor of generous action and the remedy for any loss of gain. Love is a smile laced in hardship, an unbreakable will that cannot be gripped. Love is a fabric where dreams are woven together. It is the radiant light of the one eternal soul.

Whether pulled together by the grace of fate, or torn apart by the hands of time, love is the magnetism that allows the truth of existence to meet itself – no matter how characters seem to be depicted. Beyond a play of appearances, all characters are portrayed by truth. The truth is not any location or object, but the ever-present source of all that remains.

As you dive into the heart of truth, everything is a reflection of a Divine Source. Within this Source, there is nothing but an unending presence of light. In the radiance of light, there is a soothing breeze of love enveloping all that is. It is here where every subject celebrates the miracle of living as the eternal Source of all.
While it can be easy to use spirituality to move beyond life’s most insurmountable difficulties, such a timeless discovery is decorated in every hope for a brighter future, while equally present in unsuspecting outcomes. As this is realized, you see how every dimension of time and space celebrates there being nothing, at its core, that is other than love.

The recognition of truth is known as realization. The experience of nothing else but the existence of truth is referred to as awakening. No matter how many awakenings or realizations arise, the purpose of the awakening is to inspire a celebration of timeless joy. It is where life’s greatest fulfillment is found by embracing each creation with openness, innocence, and equality. As your life is dedicated to honoring the truth of love, you are able to know yourself as the world and embrace the world as yourself.

From a spiritual standpoint, love is an acknowledgment that everything is divine in origin – no matter how it appears. In any moment you fail to see the true origin of any being, you are invited to remember what is divine about you. Beyond this understanding, the only way to answer the question, “what is love?” is by taking the time to love what is.

While life swiftly guides you to discover the Source of all living things, your soul’s journey celebrates one humbling realization. It could be nothing else, but the ongoing reminder that in a world of perpetual hunger, your own acceptance and approval is all you ever need.

As you continue, you are sure to remember the most precise instructions guiding you home. They are four simple words that offer endless gifts of expansion when the decisions you make are inspired by your heart.

These four words are: whatever arises, love that.

Matt Kahn



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