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Anchor the light. The more peacefully we act, the more positive the change will be.

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“You don’t have to hate in order to disagree. You don’t have to hate in order for your voice to be heard. Instead, the invitation of inspired action places the power in your hands to anchor the highest vibration of positive energy, while vocally affirming and swiftly acting upon the choices you wholeheartedly support.

Loving what arises means intending to uplift the qualities and characteristics of any perceived leader through the positive energy focused in their direction, while respectfully disagreeing when the choices of such leaders do not match the ethics of our soul’s highest wisdom. To disagree with respect is to honor the role such characters play in helping to bring to light your highest standard of ethics, without lowering the precision of your conduct when supporting the right to think and choose differently.

You have a right to disagree with any and all beliefs, choices, and policies that a political leader seems motivated to implement. The question is will you invoke the grace of change and stand for the ideals of higher wisdom without becoming an echo for the hatred that you are inspired to abolish?

As light bearers of a new spiritual paradigm, we focus our energy in a positive direction, intending for the perception of leaders to embody the ethical nature of our One Eternal Source, while allowing the voice of our Spirit to remind such characters of exactly the kind of world wish to be.

If you do not agree with the policies, beliefs, cabinet members, or long-term agenda of any character, you don’t have to hate in order to sound into existence the more spiritually-fueled vision of change that such characters either overlook or blatantly disregard. When existing in a field of disagreement, it is imperative to speak loudly from a deliberate space of inner harmony, so such leaders are forced to recognize the voice of collective reason, instead of rejecting the impulsive reactions of a disheartened society.

In order to ensure the change you wish to see, you must stand for what you believe in, in full alignment with your soul’s wisdom and highest conduct. No matter how enraged you happen to be, when we remain steadfast, diligent, and inspired to support exactly how our country and world can be great again, it is the sheer size and magnitude of our collective voice, refusing to match ignorance with anger, that ensures the change we wish to see and in the most evolved, all-inclusive, and honorable way.

If your role is to anchor the light, then please focus your efforts on bringing gratitude to anything in view and sending out blessings of love for every heart. If your role is more socially or politically active, you are equally a part of our global awakening providing you remember the following words:

The more peacefully we act, the more positive the change will be.

You don’t have to hate in order to disagree, but it is essential to disagree with the very respect, honor, humility, and unity that seem absent from the beliefs, ideologies, platforms, and policies you wish to unravel. As communities of evolving heart-centered spiritual masters, let us stand up for positive change, without damaging property, disrupting businesses, or injuring our fellow citizens, so not to give any political character a single reason to turn away from the glory of our truth.

Thank you, characters, for inspiring the world to stand up for something greater than the endless scorekeeping of personal gains and losses, to organize its collective moral priorities and remember the goodness that dwells in all – within a social infrastructure, where such goodness can shift any threat or misuse of political power, providing we act from the very goodness that our hearts yearn to support. The more peacefully we act, the more positive the change will be. This is the heart of inspired conscious action.

I support the conscious use of your power to be expressed with honor, passion, intention, and peace – whether engaging with others on social media, in your everyday encounters, or in the community-driven movements that evolve during these accelerated times. How about you?”

Matt Kahn



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