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A healing journey is a spiritual rite of passage. Depression occurs at a pivotal stage of the healing journey.

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„Throughout the course of our evolution, it is natural to be more rooted in emptiness, which is the natural state of the soul. As ego unravels to create space for the soul to fully enter, it is common for the unraveling ego to perceive the blossoming of emptiness as depression.

This may include feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, exhaustion, apathy, confusion, constant worrying, social withdrawal, addictive tendencies, emotional outbursts, existential sorrow, self-doubt, or even self-judgment, since emptiness doesn’t contain the emotional high that ego constantly seeks, but will never actually find. Only the soul can sense abiding liberation, ever-lasting joy, existential bliss, oneness with the Divine, and the true essence of love, which occurs as the soul has enough space to move fully into the physical body and ground into the energy grid of Earth.

Essentially, a healing journey is a spiritual rite of passage, much like an emotional or energetic vision quest, where patterns of conditioning taken on from the world and family fall away to create space for the awakening soul to enter.

Depression occurs at a pivotal stage of the healing journey, whether or not you view yourself as spiritual or even desire undergoing such a process. As ego is unraveled and integrated into the light of the soul, a gateway opens within you to usher in a new paradigm of consciousness. Throughout this process, the best approach is to relax the body by aligning with breath on a regular basis. Instead of trying to feel the way you don’t, waiting to feel differently, wanting to know when things will change, or judge the absence of emotional highs as some form of low, simply align with breath and take your time.

Whether it feels painful, overwhelming, confusing, inconvenient, frustrating, or perhaps more peaceful, serene, nourishing, and restorative than ever before, the more this stage of unraveling is savored, instead of rushed or denied, the smoother the ego can integrate to bring forth the light of the soul into the ecstasy of conscious embodiment.

Matt Kahn



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