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In dark times, don’t add to the darkness. Be the light, be the voice.


„The great unifier between emotions and the vast intelligence and your interactive intellect is the voice right there, in your throat. When you open your throat with the sound of your voice, you can create harmony, or discord in your world inside and outside.

It’s not only the words you speak, but also the tones, rhythms and melodies with which you speak them – all of this is captured in the art and science of your voice.

Humans are the only animal on Earth who create consonants, all creatures create vowels. Vowels produce the sounds, and consonants cause the direction through which the sound travels.

The human vocal anatomy is the most complex – with seventeen separate muscle groups in the tongue alone, which is the strongest muscle in your body. The fascia of the tongue connects directly to the muscles of the heart – the voice connects your brain, the tongue and throat, and the neurology in the heart. This is why you speak and kiss with the tongue – all activities that produce connections. This is also why your dogs and cats lick you. Can you imagine all that comes through your tongue into the world?

As you begin blending your emotions and intelligence, you impact your environment. This is the purpose of mantras – combinations of syllables that impact the inner environment in a clear, actual and physical way. All words, including mantras, are made up of the consonants and vowels. It’s always said it doesn’t matter so much what a mantra means as what it does. The exact combination of vowels and consonants within each mantric syllable uniquely harmonizes intelligence, intellect, and emotions. This relaxes the physical body into greater ease; opens the intuition so the kundalini can rise through this ease with joy and knowing into a clearer understanding of solution.

Our prayer is that you realize the power you have in your voice; that you use this power and the sound of your voice to influence the world around and the world inside; that you spend time each day speaking, singing and chanting with joy, and use this unique human capacity to become uniquely humane. In dark times, don’t add to the darkness. Be the light, be the voice.”

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