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Operate outside linear thinking and emoting that got you here


„There are magnetic gauges in volcanic rock off the coast of Hawaii that indicate shifts in the Earth’s polar fields occur at least every two hundred and fifty thousand years. The earth’s north-south alignment today is not where it was throughout history. The magnitude of such shifts could actually displace the tectonic plates, which would be catastrophic to all life on the Earth’s surface.

Discoveries over the past ten years indicate that an extinction-level cataclysm occurred between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago. This event was global, but its implications are not yet in the common conversations amongst published historians and archaeologists. All of these recent revelations seem likely to correlate with the myths, common around the world, of great human“golden ages” that were destroyed by massive floods and fire, that entire advanced civilizations within the ‘human story’ were eliminated without trace during such cataclysmic times, sending them back into the caves of protection.

It’s known that evolution relies on these crisis principles as a core reality – they combine with the ingenuity of confrontation to stimulate and advance change. As the structure of universal intelligence, these moments respond to crisis by accessing hidden realities for solutions. All Earths  throughout space and all of their abundant life depend on these solutions to evolve beyond their perceived limits.

Now is such a moment on this Earth – only this time it’s caused by human activity, which has very likely [also] occurred in the past, and the only question is: are you on the side of the problem, or the solution? The solution must match the potential cataclysm – there are no comfort zones to hide in now, so if you’re comfortable, you’re definitely not paying attention. The messaging of this coming time is a game changer.

Our prayer is that you take on the role of a solution; that you use your brain and your emotions to access the answers beyond your own life and begin living for all life. Now is the time to operate outside the linear thinking and emoting that got you here. Become the awareness that will carry life out of here.”

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