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To worship the body is as unhelpful as it is to demean it. The body is a vehicle for learning.

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“Being in the body is both a privilege and a hardship. Many lessons are learned thanks to the opportunity the body provides. Yet you must remember that everything the body can do for you will one day be undone. What will the pleasures of food, drink, sex, sleep, or entertainment mean when the body is no longer? To worship the body is as unhelpful as it is to demean it.

The body is a means. It has a purpose. I used my body to complete my mission here, just as you must use yours. I experienced physical joy and physical suffering, just as you no doubt have. No one comes into the body who does not explore both ecstasy and pain, love and death.

The body is a vehicle for learning. Please do not disrespect or demean it. Please do not make it into a god that you worship. Don’t make it more or less important than it is.

When you enjoy and care for your body, it can serve you better. But no body is perfect. All bodies eventually break down. Bodies are not meant to last forever.

Those who speak of physical ascension or immortality have missed the point entirely. Everything in physical experience is by nature limited. It becomes becomes physical by virtue of the limits that are placed around it.

The more limits you have, the greater the “density” or “gravity” of your experience and the less choices seem available to you. Ego-orientation, selfishness and greed are dense. Compulsive activity or addiction to substances is dense. “Dense” means that your behavior is repetitive, predictable.

Some people are born handicapped. Others handicap themselves. Those who are met with judgment and criticism shut down their hearts and live narrow, circumscribed lives. Those who are met with love and acceptance open their hearts and become beacons of joy and creativity.

There is no original sin. There is no original density. Fear and contraction lead to dense, impenetrable states of mind and matter.

Physical reality seems to be terribly restrictive, but it does not have to be so. I once asked you to be in the world but not of it. I suggested that you be in the body, honor it, and use it as a vehicle for spreading love and acceptance, without being attached to it.

I also asked you not to build your house on sand, where every storm takes its devastating toll. Some things are temporary and temporal, and some are eternal. The body is not eternal. The best it can be is a willing servant.

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