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When love is present, the body and the world are lifted up. When you act in a loving way the Spirit is awakened in others.

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“When love is present, the body and the world are lifted up.

Peace is the lightest and most emancipated state you can experience while in a physical body. It has no goal except itself. It has no agenda.

One who is at peace has great flexibility, great patience, and great compassion. S/he has no need to try to fix anyone, no need to improve the world. One who is at peace naturally improves the world just by being. S/he breathes peace, talks peace, and walks peace. There is no effort, no attempt to fix.

Nothing in the world is broken. The perception of pain is healed just by seeing it differently. When you look through the eyes of love, there is no situation which cannot be accepted as it is. There is no injustice anywhere apart from the eyes of the beholder. And it is the beholder, in the end, who must let his pain go and see the world differently.

The laws of the world are the laws of the ego. They are based on suspicion and distrust. They seek to control people’s behavior. Control is dense. The more you need to control others, the more your own destiny is predictable and controlled. The laws of Spirit are based on trust and compassion. They see the best in each person and so bring it forth.

Just as I challenged the laws of the world in the name of a higher law, so will you. It is not enough to live your life in a state of fear. [Fear and contraction lead to dense, impenetrable states of mind and matter.] It is not enough for you to cower in a corner and let other men and women dictate to you.

You must stand up and be counted. But please do so lovingly, compassionately, and respectfully. Do it knowing that there is no enemy out there. Each brother or sister, no matter how angry, fearful or distraught, deserves your support and your respect. And how you act means as much, if not more, than what you do or what you say. Angry words or actions do not serve you or anyone else.

When you act in a loving way the Spirit is awakened in others. The body and the world are lifted up and infused with light, possibility and celebration of goodness. The world you see when Spirit is present in your heart and your life is not the same world that you see when you are preoccupied with your ego needs. The world that you see when you are giving love is not the same world that you see when you are demanding it.

If you want to go beyond the body, learn to use it in a loving way. Think and speak well of yourself and others. Be positive, and constructive. Don’t look for problems. Don’t dwell on what seems missing. Give love at every opportunity. Bring it to yourself when you are sad. Bring it to others when they are doubting or negative.

Be the presence of love in the world. That is what you are. Everything else is an illusion.

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