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As long as you need to be in charge, God can’t step in.

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“Fear is never the enemy, nor is the ego. Everyone has fear. Everyone has an ego. You are not being asked to get rid of your fear, but to be aware of it and accept it. You are not being asked to get rid of your ego, but to acknowledge it compassionately, while seeing clearly that it cannot bring you understanding or peace.

If you want to hear God’s answer, you must first hear the ego’s answer with compassion. You must say to the scared, hurt, angry one within you: “I see that you are afraid and that is ok. I understand what you want to do. I will consider it. But for now, I would like to be open to the possibility that there is another way to look at this.” This simple act of speaking to the fearful aspect of self with loving kindness accomplishes a shift in the psyche away from fear.

You cannot be aware of God’s presence until you have addressed your fear in a loving way. Through your compassionate acceptance of all aspects of yourself, you prepare a place in the temple of your heart for God to come.

Do this simple practice and you will see. You will experience the presence of love within. Your grievances will fall away. And you will be vibrating with acceptance of your life and everyone in it.

When problems arise and fear comes up for you, remember that ‘It’s okay to be afraid. It’s okay not to know the answer”. God cannot take charge until you realize that you don’t know and ask for help. As long as you need to be in charge, God can’t step in.

And who is God, but the one who loves and accepts you without conditions, under all circumstances, now and for all time? That being is not outside of you, but in your heart of hearts. When you ask sincerely, this is the One who answers. When you knock, this is the One who opens the door.

You cannot come to God when you are in fear and you think you know all the answers. First, you must acknowledge your fear and your ignorance. And then you must bless yourself so deeply that even your fear and your ignorance are acceptable. That is the way to the God within, who loves you without conditions.

When you know the choice is between the whining child and the loving Mother, you won’t have any difficulty knowing who will comfort you. And when you listen to the voice of the Mother, the fearful child is comforted, too.”

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