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The economy of love is based on surrender. The economy of fear is based on control.


“Peace and happiness will not come to the world until it comes into the hearts and minds of the people who live in the world. As each person feels the presence of love within, it is easier for them to offer it to others.

People whose minds and hearts are open experience and extend love, gratitude and abundance as a matter of course. They don’t have to do anything special. Being open, what they need comes to them. Being caring and compassionate, they give away what they don’t need to other who need it. This is the law of love. It is based on trust and faith.

People who align with the law of love do not have to try to hold onto or protect what they have. For they know that everything they have is merely given to them temporarily. It will stay with them as long as it is needed. And when it is no longer needed, it will go.

People who align with the law of love learn to release their attachments so that they can stay open to the next stage in their growth. They learn to surrender the ego’s terms and conditions to make room for God’s will to take root in their lives.

The economy of love is based on surrender. The economy of fear is based on control. The economy of love is rooted in the understanding that there is enough for everyone. The economy of fear is rooted in the belief that there isn’t enough to go around.

If you look around, you will see both economies at work. The economy of fear seems to be more prevalent than the economy of love, but if you look carefully you will see that the former is losing strength to the latter. That is because the more fearful people become, the more they must learn to rely on love to survive. While conditions seems to be getting worse, in fact they are getting better.

That is the good news. The bad news is that very few of view believe this. Most of you believe the doomsday prophets who say the world is condemned to unimaginable suffering and distress. This belief induces more fear and has the potential to become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The real struggle before you, today, is not a struggle between good and evil, but a struggle between your belief in goodness and your belief in evil. Each of you must fight this battle in your own consciousness. And that is where your suffering either deepens or dissolves.

Believing in evil, you contract emotionally, become more defensive, and cut yourself off from the energy of creation. That leads to a consciousness of scarcity.

Believing in good, you expand emotionally, open up to others, and engage with the creative energy of the universe. That leads to a consciousness of abundance.

Contrary to popular opinion, abundance does not mean that you have a lot of money or material possessions. Abundance means that you have that you need, use it wisely, and give what you don’t need to others. Your life has poise, balance and integrity. You don’t have too little. You don’t have too much.”

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