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Do not impose your beliefs on others. You just need to demonstrate the power of love.


“When you are secure in your experience of the divine, you do not need to convince anyone else to believe as you do. Yet, because your experience is significant for you, you are happy to share it with others.

Nevertheless, you must understand that you are helpful to others only to the extent that you encourage them to use whatever portions of your testimony are uplifting and empowering to them. They must decide what is helpful and what is not, not you.

When you seek to impose your beliefs and opinions onto others, you are not respecting their right to decide what works for them. This is manipulation, not ministry.

You place so much value on words and concepts, yet I tell you this is not where the experience of conversion happens. Conversion happens primarily in the heart, and not so much in the mind.

People are not converted to the concept of God, but to the experience of love. One, who does not believe in something beyond his small ego, suddenly opens to a loving presence. That is the experience that changes lives.

People are not converted by adopting a set of beliefs and parroting them to others. Conversion does not happen through proselytizing. It does not happen when you preach narrow, intolerant ideas that make you right and others wrong.

People are converted by the power of love when you love and accept them unconditionally. You don’t need to change their beliefs, customs, or fix their lives. You just need to demonstrate the power of love in the way you speak and act toward them. That is what gets their attention.

No one can resist a person who radiates love. Everyone comes to sit at their feet. Can you imagine that? These people are not even invited, never mind proselytized, yet they come anyway. They come because love calls to them and they respond.

You do not have to go out aggressively to spread my message. You do not have to hit people over the head with it and drag them back to your churches or synagogues. Just love each other, and people will come. They will come and fill themselves to the brim, and they will return home with their cup running over. That is the way my teaching spreads.

You do not have to be perfect to be a mouthpiece for my teaching, but you do need to be humble. You have to meet people where they are. And you need to be honest about where you are. Pretense will not work. If you lie to yourself, you will lie to others. So save some valuable time and tell the truth from the beginning.

No one is perfect. I am no more perfect than you, and you are no more perfect that the least of your brothers and sisters. Every one of you makes mistakes. Every one of you has much to learn about giving and receiving love.

You don’t get to heaven by pretending to be there when you aren’t, nor do you get there by pretending that you have some impossible handicap. Heaven is available to all those who are willing to learn about love.

Are you willing to keep learning? If so, the doors of heaven will keep opening to you. Every time you walk through one door, another will open. For there are many rooms in the house of love. And each room must be explored fully.

When you let love into your heart, the process of exploration ceases to be work and drudgery. On the contrary, it becomes energetic and fun. You discover that you have many gifts you can share with others along the way. And you learn to receive with gratitude the gifts that others need to share with you.

Do not look down and despise another’s gift. Even if it doesn’t seem to measure up, please accept it anyway. Look into your brother’s eyes and see how much he wishes to give the gift, and you cannot refuse to accept it.”

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