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I have asked you to stand alone so you can know the truth and anchor in it.


 “If you think that I or anyone else has something you don’t have, you are already giving your power away. You need to learn nothing is missing in you whatsoever. You need to learn to trust yourself and see the unlimited resources that are available to you as a spiritual being.

Do not limit the possibilities that lie before you. Do not shut the doors of opportunity with negative thinking. Be open. Be willing.

Let go of your specific expectations, but hold onto the belief that your needs will be met in ways that you cannot even begin to understand. Be surrendered. Rest in your faith that God has only good things for you. Know that even the tests and the lessons are there to make you stronger and more flexible in your ability to love.

Let God be your teacher. Let the Tao flower in you. You don’t need to control things anymore. When you are willing to be helpful, life flows through you. You become the channel, the means by which love without conditions can reach into the world.

Do not give your power away to others. Nobody else knows what is good for you. Nobody else knows what your mission here is all about. Stay away from psychics, teacher, therapists and gurus who would direct your life through their own limited beliefs about themselves or you.

You have everything you need to be guided wisely in your life. Trust in it. Trust in your connection to the Source of all things. You are no further away from God than I am. You don’t need me to bring you to the feet of the Divine. You don’t need your partner or your teacher to bring you there. You are already there.

God is incapable of moving away from you. God is ever-present in your life. When you do not feel the divine presence, it is because you have moved away. You have given your power to some earthly authority. You have left the place of the indwelling God, in search of something special in the world. That search always comes up empty, but that does not mean that you won’t keep trying to find the answer somewhere outside of yourself.

Many of you think that I want your exclusive allegiance. Nothing could be further from the truth. When I ask you to believe in me, it is to empower you to know that you can do as I have done.

But you can do this with me or without me. It does not matter. Your salvation does not depend on me. You are the Lamb of God. You are the one who has come to forgive yourself and release the world from their chains of envy and regret.

If you have a teacher who empowers you, I am happy. It does not matter to me if that teacher is a Buddhist or a Jew, a Christian or a Moslem, a shaman or a businessman. If you are learning to trust yourself, if you are becoming more open in your mind and you heart, than I am happy for you. It does not matter what specific path you are on, what symbols you believe in, what scrolls you consider sacred. I look to the fruit of all those beliefs and endeavors to see if you are stepping into your divinity or giving that power away to someone or something outside of you.

I do not want your exclusive allegiance. I simply ask you to choose a teacher and a teaching which empowers you to discover truth within your own heart, for there alone will you find it. When you give your power away, to me or anyone else I know that you have not heard me.

How many times have I told you I am not the only son and daughter of God? All of you share that lineage with me. You are God’s children. You carry divine love and wisdom within you. All the answers to your problems lie within you.

I stand before you as a model of one who has realized his divinity while living in a body in this world. I demonstrate to you the power that manifests when one listens to one’s inner voice and follows it, even when other people judge or object. I stand for the inner authority of the universal heart-mind which holds everyone in equal reverence. I know that when you trust the divine within, you cannot help but become authentic.

I have tried to show you a way of cutting yourself loose from parental authority, cultural authority, and religious authority. I have tried to tell you that who you are is far greater than all that. I have told you that the laws and customs of men and women are limited by the conditions of their experience. They cannot see beyond them.

But there is a Reality that is beyond that narrow subjective reality. And you can find it, from the inside out, for it is the very ground of your being. It is who you are when you strip away all the false beliefs you have accepted from parents, family, culture and church or synagogue.

I have asked you to have the courage to stand alone so you could step into your life and shed the narrow identifications which prevent you from knowing who you are. I have asked you to leave your home and you work, so that you could stand back and look at your life from a distance, seeing the self-limiting fear-based patterns of behavior. I have asked you to stand back so that you would realize that you do not have to sell yourself short. You do not have to give your power away to customs and traditions that don’t honor your spiritual roots and branches.

A young person must leave the home of their parents and open to new experiences is they are to create a home of their own. For the same reason, you may have to leave your school, your career, your religion, and your relationship so that you can discover who you are apart from the roles that you play and the social structure that define your life.

You are not just a son or a daughter, a husband or a wife, a carpenter or a plumber, a black person or a white person, a Christian or a Jew. You are much more than any of that. Yet, if you identify with these roles, you will not discover the essence within you that goes beyond them. Nor will you find a way to transcend the inevitable divisions these external definitions will create in your life.

I have asked you to leave home so that you could one day return knowing what “home” really is. I have asked you to go on a pilgrimage in which you shed your external identity so that you can discover what your true identity is. I have asked you to listen to others with respect, but never to accept their ideas and opinions as an authority in your life. I have asked you to find that authority within, even though no one else in your life agrees with it, and I have asked you to follow that inner authority even in the face of outright criticism from your friends, your family, your church, your race, your political party, and your country.

I have asked you to stand alone, not because I wish to isolate you, but so you can know the truth and anchor in it. For there will be times when you will have to stand in that truth in the midst of a crowd of people who would ignore it, condemning their brothers and sisters, as they condemned me. There will be times, my friend, when you will be the voice in the wilderness that helps people find their way back home. And you could not become that voice if you did not learn to stand naked and alone with the truth.

When you know how to stand alone, it is easy to stand with others who uphold their own truth. You aren’t threatened by what they believe or what their experience is. You honor all that. You honor every authentic path to divine wisdom and love. And you take great delight in being with people who are comfortable being themselves.”

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