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Your only purpose here on Earth is to accept your innocence and to help others accept theirs.


I asked you to confess your sins so that you might lighten your load, so that you might release the judgments you make about yourself and others. You cannot walk next to me so long as you carry those judgments with you. They are too heavy a load. You cannot take them where you and I must go.

I ask you to confess your sins and your pain in a private place where no other man or woman enters. Forgive your mistakes. Vow to learn and to do better by yourself and others. Connect to love in your heart and take that love with you when you leave. Find this inner temple when you become burdened by the affairs of the world and your attachment to them.

Take sanctuary there. Go there to release your worries, your fears, your guilt about what you have said and done. Go there to allow your heart to heal and strengthen so that you make amends with anyone you have sighted and treated unkindly. Go to find peace, so that you can make peace with your brothers and sisters.

I ask you to confess your sins, not to hold on to them. I ask you to forgive yourself, not to let some priestly hierarchy hold you in perpetual bondage.

If you have been holding yourself prisoner, know now that it is time to set yourself free. No matter what you have said or done, you do not deserve to suffer. Your suffering will not feed the hungry or heal the sick.

Take the forgiveness I offer you so that you can come back into your life with a clear vision and a strong heart. I offer you freedom, not for yourself alone, but for the sake of all those who need your love and service. Take the branch of peace and carry it forth into the neighborhoods where people need empowerment and hope. Your love can heal all the wounds of the past, if you only believe in yourself and in the power of love.

Accept my forgiveness that you may offer it to others and be a force for healing and reconciliation. Nothing else can bring you joy and redemption.

Do not let the world tell you who you are. For you are not what others tell you, even if you appear to be fulfilling the expectations. Consider it well, my friend, do you want to continue to live in fear and sorrow, just because others expect you to be hard and tough? Will you squander your life just to protect an image that someone else gave you long ago?

I say it is time to cast that image away It is not who you are. It will not bring you peace or happiness. Let it go. And let me help you learn yourself anew.

When I went forth to serve my brothers and sisters, I took the name Emmanuel so that I would always remember that God was with me. By remembering God, I was able to see my innocence, as well as the innocence and purity of all of the beings I beheld on my journey.

You must do the same. You must carry God with you in your heart and remember that your only purpose here on Earth is to accept your innocence and to help other accept theirs. That is why you have come to me.

I will use everything that you bring to me as a tool for healing and redemption. It does not matter if you have been a criminal, a drug dealer, an alcoholic, a prostitute, a corrupt preacher or politician. I will send you back amongst the people whose fears and habits you know and together we will bring them home. No, not by condemning their actions or trying to fix them, but by loving them, seeing them whole, and reminding them of the truth about themselves, which they have forgotten.”

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