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Blame is a tendency in ego to use other people as excuses for what we don’t know how to face, process, or heal.


„Blame is a tendency in ego to use other people as excuses for the aspects of our journey that we do not know how to face, process, or heal. When blame is cast in any direction, the beauty of our soul’s evolution is paused, as we engage in the overwhelming torment of internal or worldly conflict. Whenever we blame, we are choosing to fight or doubt the perfection of our journey, instead of allowing it to inspire deeper growth. Equally so, the grace through which a life of stagnation transforms into an infinite well-spring of freedom, passion, power, and fulfillment is choosing to grow from the circumstances that you tend to fight, deny, reject, or oppose.

While a spiritually-aligned heart-centered Being is never immune from the evolutionary potency of pain, hurt, loss, grief, betrayal, abandonment, or heartbreak, it doesn’t require any form of blame in order to allow the ever-graceful winds of change to help transform your life. You may not like the change you initially see, understand how it is helping you become a better version of yourself than ever before, or even be ready, willing, or prepared for such different experiences at first glance. And yet, there is always an open-ended opportunity to permit the terms and conditions of your journey to help you evolve, once blame cannot be justified under the threat of any circumstance.

Even when you have been the victim of personal cruelty or abused by someone else’s unprocessed pain, it can be helpful to openly confess the actions imposed onto you by another, without using any character as a long-term distraction from the inner blossoming that can only awaken higher vibrations of light for the wellbeing of all. Even when you are sick and tired of personal growth and life-lessons, and just want off the ride that never seems to end, one of the true signs of surrender that we send to the Universe is the relinquishing of blame.

And to dispel a great spiritual myth, your adversities haven’t been manifested as a result of previous moments of blame. If that were the case, it would be utilizing the weapon of blame against yourself instead of projecting it onto others. Instead, both the treasures and adversities that you are bound to face were created to ensure the unfolding of a journey that has further reaching cosmic implications to the evolution of your soul — way beyond the ego’s insatiable comparison of desires versus concerns, good versus bad, light versus dark, or liabilities versus benefits.

If you know in your heart that you have truly reached your absolute potential, yearn to know and embody that potential in fully actualized form and transform an exhausting healing journey into an immaculate course of spiritual mastery, then there is no purpose, reality, or evolutionary gain from any form of blame.

Even when it feels like eliminating blame from your reality would allow those with unsavory agendas to have their way, personally or globally, your ego must take such a bold risk, in order for you to know the absolute Truth of who you are and why you are here. The end of blame does not require you to stop blaming or fight with the parts of you who only know how to be heard by making others wrong. Instead, the end of blame begins by acknowledging any tendency to judge, criticize, persecute, or accuse reminds you how overwhelmed you have become as a result of the ever-expanding nature of your soul’s journey.

When we are overwhelmed, it is a moment when we need our own love, kindness, and compassion the most. Just as we learn either from having children or remember from being children, one cannot gracefully wake up each morning without being fully rested. The same is true for spiritual growth. One cannot awaken their consciousness without a proper amount of rest. Just as children demonstrate when overwhelmed by exhaustion, our highest qualities fall by the wayside in favor of conflict, blame, aggression, or victimhood when we are unaware of what we need or how to give ourselves permission to receive it.

What if any tendency to blame, reject, accuse, fight or deny became an opportunity to stop in that very moment and honor your innocence of heart deeper than anyone else has ever done before? How would this moment feel if it were absent of any form of blame? What if there was nothing or anyone to blame for your life? Who would you be if everything could be exactly as it is, even including others blaming, lying, cheating or stealing as they may, with the only difference being your complete and absolute surrender of blame?

May this moment inspire you to discover an infinitely-miraculous, all-loving and ever-forgiving reality within and throughout the people, places, and things you encounter, as you become disinterested and bored with the righteous finger-pointing that only keeps you asleep. If your heart yearns for true liberation, emotional freedom, and the perfection of existential bliss, then your steadfast course of action is awakening from the dream of blame. When you are willing to love the one who blames, instead of believing the thoughts they use to beg for your attention, such an awakening is well on its way.”

Matt Kahn



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