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Give the wisdom of the Universe the gift of your time. It will transform you.


„The deepest insights that can be uncovered throughout a spiritual journey are not necessarily abstract or esoteric in nature. It merely requires your time, attention, and interest to allow its most potent offerings to be uncovered when not attempting to understand too quickly or become frustrated whenever confusion arises. Just as one who is hungry cannot plant a seed in hopes of harvesting a meal a few moments later, a spiritual being must develop an unwavering depth of patience to allow the inner seeds that have been planted to bare the fruits of insight over a period of time.

If something doesn’t immediately click – allow it to stir and grow within you. It may not be a matter of what you are bound to understand from an insight, but who you are meant to become as a result of receiving such truths. Perhaps even dare to put aside the need to ask others for their view or interpretation and simply allow the wisdom you were destined to encounter to transform you from the inside out. Often times, when such inner transformation occurs, the ego’s experience is “huh?” and once such transformation is complete each “huh?” or “what?” becomes a resounding “aha!” or “Now I get it!”.

If you give the deepest wisdom of the Universe the gift of your time, it will transform you. This is today’s invitation.”

Matt Kahn



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