My mind is my shelter


The natural path is growth, and when you’re growing there must be stability. The fear of an adventure beyond entitled logic is no longer working.

„The agricultural civilization was made possible when the ice ages receded and the northernmost continents and lands became livable once again. A byproduct of this shift – from scavenging and … Continue reading


In The Absence Of Men – Philippe Besson

“Does one ever truly find peace, Vincent? No. The answer, undoubtedly, is: no. No, Marcel, you will not find peace. From time to time you will allay some of your … Continue reading


Human nature is obsessed with militaristic attitudes lost in the survival of the fittest, rather than finding everything survives by fitting together.

„Mandalas, scenes in nature, sacred geometry – these are like barcodes: when viewed with openness, they expose the psycho-emotional and psycho-biological entrances to the higher human consciousness. This then discovers … Continue reading


When you face your aloneness, something begins to happen. The sense of bleakness changes into a sense of true belonging.

  „Each one of us is alone in the world. It takes great courage to meet the full force of your aloneness. Most of the activity in society is subconsciously … Continue reading


For a human life to be fully awakened, fulfilled, and prosperous – all three brains must function with equal emphasis.

„There’s neurology throughout the human body with three brains as processors for humans to actually become humane. Each brain has a separate and a complementary function. There’s one brain in … Continue reading


Gently and With Love, Honor Yourself.

Gently and With Love, Honor Yourself.  “When I received this message from Archangel Gabriel in the early 1990s, I had no idea what honoring myself meant. I was raised in … Continue reading


To know what brings you joy is to know how to be true to who you really are. Let the fullness you are lead you and prompt you and inspire you.

„Hello Divine Ones, It’s really good to be with you again! We’ve been noticing so many subtle insights and changes in you – in the way you are living and … Continue reading


You are the source of you. You are the reality of you. You are healthy by your very nature.

„Meditation delivers attitudes from this healthy source that gives you access to life as reality. It’s one of the most effective ‘universal’ health-care systems of the ages. Meditation touches clarity … Continue reading


Somewhere in every heart there is a discerning voice.

 „Human identity is complex. Nothing is ever given simply or immediately. Even the simplest act of perception has many layers. Often at night a dream can take up a gesture … Continue reading


Mai întâi găsește-ți propriul adevăr

„Un sfat: mai întâi găsește-ți propriul adevăr și apoi caută-l pe cel al personajului. Jocul constă în a realiza echilibrul dintre cele două, în a găsi raportul lor corect.” „Calitatea … Continue reading


“După o îndelungată carieră, găsesc în flacăra entuziasmului meu cea mai sigură confirmare și cea mai bună răsplată.” – Amintirile lui George Enescu – Bernard Gavoty

„Anii petrecuți la țară mi-au lăsat cele mai frumoase amintiri: doar am crescut în aer liber, în mijlocul animalelor și plantelor, având sub ochi nesfârșite lanuri de grâu, de orz, … Continue reading


The faith of knowing you know, without knowing how. Ignite your devotional body and give your emotional body a rest.

„Living in the emotional charges of this present day world is toxic to the senses of all living creatures, nothing and no one is immune. There’s so much noise compared … Continue reading


Mă uit în jur și mă întreb foarte mult: „De ce?” Mă ajută să nu discriminez și să nu mai simt încrâncenare. M-am hrănit mult făcând bine.

“Așa m‑am pomenit. N‑a fost niciodată vorba să aflu ceva despre mine. Așa m‑am perceput întotdeauna – băiat.” * „M‑am hrănit mult făcând bine. Fie că am stat câteva ore … Continue reading


Gratitude awakens your mind to the greater truth within all things, and lifts your spirit into Alignment and Joy.

 „All that you have learned and all that has happened to you brought you to where you are now.  Be grateful.  Sometimes it is just simply enough for us to … Continue reading


Be ready and willing to step onto this stage and create prophetic magic in place of the pathetic and the tragic.

„This world is entering a new era – all of the human roles and relationships are changing. Some will react by reaching back for older known ways with extreme nationalism, … Continue reading


Intuition doesn’t come from the past, and rarely leads to a logical arrangement of the future. It’s often born from an agony and lack of harmony.

„These are the times of epic challenge – like some historical prophecy in a world without harmony, or any natural empathy, and beset by non-reality, while falling into agony. You’ve … Continue reading


We’ve upgraded all the physical infrastructures, but there’s been no upgrading of the psycho-emotional infrastructure whatsoever.

„In order for growth and health to exist on Earth, peace and harmony must persist on Earth. In order for peace and harmony to persist on Earth, acceptance of the … Continue reading


Intellectual intelligence is strong, but higher dimensions go unnoticed. Humans use thought as their most powerful tool, but other animals use knowing.

„All animals have complex languages that entail body angles, eye movement, facial expressions, vocal sounds, and breathing patterns. The human mind fails to comprehend this vast intelligence, both in itself … Continue reading


Wake all the way up, and then wake up all those who are reachable and teachable.

  „Your lives are ancient – reaching back far beyond any imagination, and outside all the measures discussed even by astro-physics. Cute stories are made up so that the human … Continue reading


Cella Delavrancea despre Henriette Yvonne Stahl

„Cei care au cunoscut-o nu uită paloarea siderală a feței, nici armonia care se desprinde din gesturile ei. Bunătatea unui suflet într-adevăr artistic scânteiază în toate reacțiunile ei și, când … Continue reading


Enescu, aș spune, era din lumea îngerilor, a armoniilor – Convorbiri cu Henriette Yvonne Stahl

 „[Pe Enescu] am avut norocul să-l văd destul de des și să-l cunosc îndeajuns de bine. Prima dată când l-am văzut aveam vreo cincisprezece ani, și Enescu a dat un … Continue reading


If the dilemma is present, then the solution must be also. Commit to being the solution.

„So often it’s said that humans are the highest lifeform on Earth, but this is not universally true. Cruelty, savagery, and brutality are found in the human cultures, not in … Continue reading


Every situation that arises on our path is a call to address and remove a potential block before it becomes a limitation on the free flowing path that we intend for ourselves.

„Before a plane takes off the pilot performs a range of pre-flight tests, including powering up the engines. Even before that, the engines are turned on so they can ‘warm … Continue reading


In patience, you are open to the flow of life. Your choices come from your inspiration. Your experience is always about participation in life.

„Blessed beings, as always it is a precious moment when we meet in your awareness. The most important thing that this time of conscious awareness is teaching you is how amazing … Continue reading


See into the animals’ eyes and acknowledge the infinite surrender they’re constantly embracing – then embrace this infinite nature of innocence.

„Life travels in tribes, throughout incarnations, to locate each other on the various planets throughout the megaverses. You befriend each other, marry each other, give birth to each other, are … Continue reading


Use the laws of physics within these dark and lawless times to become the balance that delivers enlightenment.

„In this darkest of all ages it’s said: “Truth is what you convince someone of.” This is the current dilemma – unconscious evolutionary children, taking advantage, and making up stories … Continue reading


Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want.

Take time to bless that which you have and ask for what you want. To bless means to confer energy on whatever person or situation you are focused upon. It … Continue reading


Cum vedem mai bine: dacă privim direct, dacă privim de-aproape? Lipsa vederii ne poate lăsa liberi pentru o mișcare interioară.

Aș vrea să pornim de la scenografie: în cabinetul psihoterapeutului există o canapea, iar asta înseamnă că nici pacientul, nici doctorul nu se uită unul la celălalt cînd vorbesc. E … Continue reading


Take the courage to step into these higher dimensions when they appear.

 „Survival mode looks at a challenge and see’s what’s wrong, then calculates what part of it can be taken advantage of individually – it’s competition. Higher dimensional consciousness looks at … Continue reading


You are no longer here to survive, you’re on Earth to co-create a better world. Learn from the heart. Relax, to receive the love and the joy.

„Survival is about the struggle to get, to maintain, to save for another struggle – and in this mode there’s a resistance to share. It’s the two dimensional head-brain that … Continue reading

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