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Take the courage to step into these higher dimensions when they appear.


 „Survival mode looks at a challenge and see’s what’s wrong, then calculates what part of it can be taken advantage of individually – it’s competition.

Higher dimensional consciousness looks at this challenge and sees opportunities in the risks that can serve everyone – it’s compassion.

The higher dimensions invite remedies to assemble and this creates motion – this is the yin and yang of cycles, the eternal play of opposites existing everywhere.
‘Intuitive maneuvering’ is an acknowledgement within the brain-mind connection that can access these higher dimensions and see the new opportunities, shift the opportunities into actualities that produce magical events in logical moments. This is the science of miracles that begins with ‘walking and acting as if you can’ with total faith in the unknown moments.
There are subtle electrical signals produced in the brain when ‘intuitive maneuvering’ takes place – they’re so sensitive they are actually controlled by your belief, and so powerful that it feels like knowing. With such knowing these signals produce an entirely different landscape. Connecting with these subtle signals is accomplished by devotion, not by emotions or feelings.

These dimensions are always present, but they’re only available when you’re aware of them. When you’re not aware of these dimensions, for any reason, they’re of no value – as if they don’t exist.
Awareness is permitted by an ease, joy, knowing and liberation, as spacetime unfolds omni-directionally. These dimensions enter unoccupied space, then gain access to a spacetime that doesn’t yet exist. This is the new real estate of miracles, the key to life succeeding over the coming chaotic decades.

Everything you allow into your body and mind will affect your ability to experience these miracles: the foods you eat, the sounds you listen to, the views you view, the frequencies you embrace – either permit, or limit your access.

Our prayer is that you take the courage to step into these higher dimensions when they appear; face the challenges that arise and let faith lead you to knowing you knowa miracle moment is just now coming.”

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